The Best Dinosaur Gifts for 2018

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The first dinosaur may have appeared around 250 million years ago but it was 25 years ago they came back to life in Jurassic Park and we know just how popular they are with children, so we have picked out the best Dinosaur gifts for 2018.

Dinosaur books

Why not support the kids favourite museum, the Natural History Museum, who have an excellent choice of dinosaur books.  From the Mr Men and the Dinosaurs, Lift the flap dinosaurs to Dinosaur Encyclopedias.  Click here to go to the Museum shop

Mr Men and the Dinosaurs


This scary looking dinosaur toy will wreak havoc and fear from the moment it is opened on Christmas day.  Ominous red eyes light up and glow, with slick black scales, long arms with dagger-like claws and extra articulation, this Indoraptor will catch any unsuspecting dad that crosses its path.  Listen out for the terrifying SCREECH and realistic dinosaur sound effects! 

Smyths toys had the best deal at time of writing.

Best Dinosaur Games

If you thought the dinosaurs were old then check out the selection of classic games that have been bought back to life in Dinosaur form.  

Operation!  Guess Who?  Monopoly, Cluedo and lots more…

To support your museums, we recommend you buy from the Natural History Museum shop.T

The Dinosaur Fingerling

The Fingerling dinosaur is a great addition to any child’s finger.  Anyone familiar with Fingerling pets will know just how much fun children can have with them.  Fingerlings were cute, now they are scary as well!  Kids love the interaction they experience when their dinosaurs cling onto their finger.  Stroke it, it purrs.  Turn it upside down and the dinosaur f*rts…  

You get the idea… great present.

Fingerling Dinosaurs

When we last checked the best deal to buy was on Amazon

Imaginext Jurassic World Jurassic Rex

If your child already collects Imaginext, this could be the ideal Christmas present.  Imaginext created the incredible Batman minifigures and are now a regular feature on any gift Christmas gift list.

We found the best deal at Smyths Toys.

We hope you enjoy our special dinosaur edition.  Get roaring!

Nick Farnsworth is a blogger for The Dadsnet and he is the toy inventor behind Little Sport Star.  Through his work Nick travels to international toy shows to discover the latest crazes which he then shares with us on The Dadsnet.  Little Sport Star soft toys are unique because they are the only brand of sports-themed soft toys for babies. 

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