The Best Travel Snacks for Kids

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The only time your kids aren’t hungry is when they sit down in front of a delicious home-cooked meal that you have slaved over for hours. 

At all other times, they are living, breathing black holes, ready to devour any food that breaches their gravitational pull. This is why you need travel snacks for kids if you are planning a car journey. 

However, to avoid ruining their car seats, not to mention the interior of your motor, you must choose your snacks wisely. Anything too crumbly, sticky or stinky can be discounted straight away. With that in mind, The Dadsnet swoops in to help you through this edible minefield. Here are the best travel snacks for kids. 

Get Creative With Breakfast Cereal

All kids love breakfast cereal, but only a crazy person would risk allowing their children to eat it with milk from a bowl in the back of your car. The inevitable overspill would soak into the car seat, only to resurface as a distinctly unpleasant aroma any time the sun came out and warmed it up. 

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It’s a good job that dry cereal is pretty much the food of the gods. However, bowls of dry cereal are still unsuitable for containing their crunchy contents as you negotiate the bends of the countryside roads. So try something a little different. Take a hoop-based breakfast cereal and thread a collection of pieces onto a thin piece of elastic that your child can wear like a necklace. Et voila – a multigrain version of those sweetie necklaces! 

Alternatively, Rice Krispie cakes are simple to put together and taste amazing. Stick the cereal in a bowl with marshmallows and butter, and microwave it for three minutes (stirring after two). Press the mixture into a baking tray and cool, then cut it into squares and hand out on the journey as and when they are needed. Of course, chocolate Rice Krispie cakes are even better, but less suitable as travel snacks for kids due to the whole melting chocolate issue. 

Soft Bread Products Only

We all love stuffing our faces with bread products, right? That’s what makes those carb-free diets so tough. If your children love their dough-based goodness, then choose carefully when it comes to travel snacks for kids. 

Anything crusty is out immediately, no matter how tasty it may be. You don’t want to be digging out crumbs from the children’s cars seats for the rest of eternity, do you? Flaky baked goods are also a no-no.No one has ever managed to eat more of a croissant than they managed to get all over their fingers, clothes and the floor. Ever. Not even in France. The same goes for a pain au chocolat. However, our cousins across the Channel do have a great option for travel snackage in their bready arsenal. The brioche. Soft, sweet and with the ability to remain intact right up until it succumbs to the onslaught of the teeth, brioche is the king of the travel-friendly breadish goods. Notable mentions for the bagel and pitta bread too in this all-important category. 

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If in Doubt, Mush it Up

It’s also pretty good if you get some vitamin C down your children at some point too. And this is most easily transmitted via the medium of fruit. Of course, the problem with fruit as a travel snack is all the squishing, spraying and oozing it does, leaving car seats and upholstery sticky and horrible. 

The solution here is to create family smoothies, jam packed with as much fruit as possible. Pour this into sippy cups or those kids’ water bottles with sports caps to negate as much of the potential spillage as possible, and set off! These are some of the best travel snacks for kids you will find. 

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What Are Your Best Travel Snacks for Kids? 

Do you have any other ideas for snacks that children can eat in their car seats? Let us know in the Comments section below. 

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