The Big Fat Linky of the Week – 10 / 10 / 15

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Welcome back to another week of the big fat linky! If you’re new, an especially warm welcome and if you’re old, how’s it going? :) Is it just me or do things in the blogging world seem to be crazy busy at the moment?

Anyway, this week, linking up a post about simple things dads can do to impress their partners. Men put on weight after having a baby too, so with this post containing some simple hacks to cover up the extra ‘heaviness’ dads will have a new found swagger! 23 things simple things that dads can do instantly to move from dad to ‘dilf’ (Hate the phrase by the way but I liked the alliteration! To me it stands for Dad Is Looking Fine!)

Also, if you’re new, then check out our step by step guide to linkys? Hopefully it makes the whole linky thing, very clear!

The Big Fat Linky of the Week, co-hosted with my good friend Inside Martyn’s Thoughts,  gives you the opportunity to share recently written posts or any old corkers you have hidden away in your treasure chest. It could be a post that you want to share with a wider audience, or one that is particularly special to you or just one of your many fantastic pieces of literature!

We’re not precious about what you link up as long as it’s a good, exciting and interesting read.

Remember, we’ll be here each week for you to link up your latest blogposts.

So, I’m sure you know what to do by now, but if not, here’s some rules, guidance & general etiquette: (Please remember to comment on a few other posts and add the badge to your linked post too.)

#1 Write to your hearts content & link it up or link an existing post, just remember to add the badge below or link back to The Dad Network :)

#2 Add your link by using the commonly found (& convenient) linky button. That will add your image and link to this post.

#3 Leave a comment on the hosts main blog post and on a few other links that tickle your fancy. Please comment on at least 2 posts for every 1 post you link up.

#4 Add the badge to the blogpost you have linked up.

#5 Don’t forget to tweet about it! #bigfatlinky

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  1. Fola lewis

    Great post this week, made me think about my hubby. He’s happiest in jeans and a shirt but I love a man turned out in a smart slim fit suit. I guess we should both be making an effort decide the tiredness and baby chaos. Thanks for hosting the kinky!

  2. Chantal

    Glad to have found a nice dad blog!

  3. Glenda Cates

    Looks like I was to late for the Party but it is OK as I found a new Dad Blogger to
    share with my husband. As I am trying to get him to start blogging with me on
    my site and he thinks I am “Crazy”. Which may be true but it doesn’t mean
    “real men can’t “BLOG”!! Have a good weekend.

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