The Big Fat Linky of the Week – 11 / 4 / 15

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Welcome to The Dad Network’s Big Fat Linky of the Week #bigfatlinky

How was everyones Easter? Hopefully filled with laughing, more laughing and possibly some chocolate! If you haven’t read posts from last weeks linky, make sure you check them out; there’s some brilliant posts including one from my good blogging friend, John Adams about the Lib Dem’s plans for paternity leave – it could affect a lot of us so worth reading.

Now… Before we go any further both Martyn and I would like to share with you some statistics. Last week we had 63 linked posts… but only 22 comments on both mine and Martyn’s host posts… It seems like we have a little infestation of people carrying out the commonly known, ‘link and run’ manoeuvre… Come on, the point of a linky is that everyone benefits, so play the game. We’ll be keeping an eye out this week and maybe a few public name & shames via twitter! We are all busy, but the etiquette is there for a reason. Read the rules below and enjoy the linky. :)

Anyway, nag over, back to the fun stuff!

The Big Fat Linky of the Week, co-hosted with my good friend Inside Martyn’s Thoughts,  gives you the opportunity to share recently written posts or any old corkers you have hidden away in your treasure chest. It could be a post that you want to share with a wider audience, or one that is particularly special to you or just one of your many fantastic pieces of literature!

We’re not precious about what you link up as long as it’s a good read.

Remember, we’ll be here each week for you to link up your great blogposts.

This week’s post, from us, is a post from one of our writers, The Runner Dad (aka Matt Orlando). The post is about pacing yourself in parenting and running. Running can be a great metaphor for life so this is well worth a read. Be sure to take a look at his blog too.

So, I’m sure you know what to do, but if not, here’s some rules, guidance & general etiquette: (Please remember to comment on a few other posts and add the badge to your linked post too.)

#1 Write to your hearts content & link it up or link an existing post, just remember to add the badge below or link back to The Dad Network :)

#2 Add your link by using the commonly found (& convenient) linky button. That will add your image and link to this post.

#3 Leave a comment on the hosts main blog post and on a few other links that tickle your fancy. Please comment on at least 2 posts for every 1 post you link up. Some of you have been linking up LOADS of posts, which is great but your comments must reflect it!

#4 Add the badge to the blogpost you have linked up.

#5 Don’t forget to tweet about it! #bigfatlinky

The Dad Network

P.s I’m always happy to retweet your URL so send us a tweet once you’ve linked up – @thedadnetworkuk & remember #bigfatlinky

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  1. International Elf Service

    Thank you so much for hosting as always – I love this linky :). I had a thought – have I messed up the stats by adding 3 or more posts?? Emily x

  2. Jeremy

    Always try and comment on a bunch of others, but if I’ve missed the hosts a few times I apologize.

  3. Richie

    Question… When linking back to thedadnetwork, does the link need to be in my blog post, or would the button on the side of the page work? Also, does it need to link back to the linky of that week, or just to Lastly, when you say you would like a comment on the host’s blog post, which post are you referring too? Any post, or a specific post… I am confused on that part. Let me know if I’m messing up!

    • Al Ferguson

      Hi mate, you can add the badge wherever. Some people have it under a Linky section or in their side bar. :) The badge links back to so the badge is all the linking you need to do. The comment should be in the post we link up which is usually 1 & 2 in the list of linked blogs. Any comment on anything is appreciated though. :) Thanks buddy and thanks for linking up. Hope you’re well!

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