The Big Fat Linky of the Week - 9 / 5 / 15, BFL%, uncategorised%

The Big Fat Linky of the Week – 9 / 5 / 15

The Big Fat Linky of the Week - 9 / 5 / 15, image1%, uncategorised%

Welcome to The Dad Network’s Big Fat Linky of the Week


A massive link up last week with over 72 amazing posts linked up. I hope you have had a chance to read some of them, but if not, check them out here. I think it world with some of you inviting a friend so please do it again! :)

If you’re new and not sure what you’re doing then take a look at our step by step guide to linkys.

The Big Fat Linky of the Week, co-hosted with my good friend Inside Martyn’s Thoughts,  gives you the opportunity to share recently written posts or any old corkers you have hidden away in your treasure chest. It could be a post that you want to share with a wider audience, or one that is particularly special to you or just one of your many fantastic pieces of literature!

We’re not precious about what you link up as long as it’s a good, exciting and interesting read.

Remember, we’ll be here each week for you to link up your great blogposts.

This week’s post, from us, is the announcement of our Father’s Day event in Central London. I won’t go on about here because you can read the post when you get to it! It’s going to be a great event, so if you’re free, come along.

So, I’m sure you know what to do, but if not, here’s some rules, guidance & general etiquette: (Please remember to comment on a few other posts and add the badge to your linked post too.)

#1 Write to your hearts content & link it up or link an existing post, just remember to add the badge below or link back to The Dad Network :)

#2 Add your link by using the commonly found (& convenient) linky button. That will add your image and link to this post.

#3 Leave a comment on the hosts main blog post and on a few other links that tickle your fancy. Please comment on at least 2 posts for every 1 post you link up.

#4 Add the badge to the blogpost you have linked up.

#5 Don’t forget to tweet about it! #bigfatlinky

The Big Fat Linky of the Week - 9 / 5 / 15, image e1423257811431%, uncategorised%

P.s I’m always happy to retweet your URL so send us a tweet once you’ve linked up – @thedadnetworkuk & remember #bigfatlinky

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Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.
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