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The Dad App

The Dad App

2017 is going to a big year for The Dad Network with the launch of our very own #DadApp

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All the aspects of The Dad Network will be centralised in 1 App so you can carry around The Dad Network in your pocket wherever you go.

We’ll have articles, reviews, videos and our USP…

…Dad Chat!

You’ll be able to connect with other dads in your local area.

Log in using your Facebook profile, update your preferences and hobbies and then search within your local area to find like-minded dads.

Chat to them 1 to 1, join a group or meet up for playdates with the kids, a coffee or a beer in the evening. (If you can escape the children for long enough!)

We’re launching the App early in 2017, but you can pre-register now by signing up here.


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