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Dad App

The Dad App

Since 2017, when The Dadsnet planned to launch a DadApp, we realised that we already offer all the services an app would deliver via our website and social channels…

  • Articles
  • Reviews
  • Videos
    and our USP…
  • Connecting with other dads nearby in your local area.

Although we might not have a shiny new App that you can download to your phone, with 4G and free wifi being so good around the nation, our website is all you need.

Log in using your Facebook profile, access our forums & content and search for your local area to find like-minded dads.

Join a group or meet up for playdates with the kids, a coffee or a beer in the evening. (If you can escape the children for long enough!)

We are the largest platform for dads to find, meet and connect with like-minded dads with over 60 local communities with over 20,000 users. So if you want to find dads nearby, The Dadsnet is the only Dad App you need.

About Al Ferguson

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Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.
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