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  1. karl young

    Did you watch the Louis Theroux’s documentary on Transgender Kids? It was very insightful. I personally wouldn’t have a problem with my son saying this, i know when i was a young boy i wanted and got a Barbie for Christmas.

    I think pointing it out could actually be the issue. Great cartoon, keep’em coming!

    • Al Ferguson

      Hi mate, yeah I did. Fascinating! I wore a dress for quite a while and tights! But the rights was because Batman wore tights and I wanted to be him!

  2. Ali

    Lol, Mmmmm not sure tbh. I saw the documentry & was a little sceptical as the word transgender was being bandied around by very young children, I’d be inclined to let it pass as a phase & not big it up til they were a lot older but that’s just my opinion. Wonder what David Walliams thinks!

  3. Sam @ Life of Mum

    I’d say let them be! Kids will be kids, and sometimes they don’t get the difference between genders. I remember my little cousin asking if I climbed on tractors when I was a little boy. They don’t necessarily have a sense of gender differences until they get older, and may not realise that boys can’t be princesses! Suppose it depends on age, but what’s to say really. Let them crack on!! #OrdinaryMoments

  4. Katie @mummydaddyme

    This post really interesting me as I have a little girl who wants to be a boy! She always says things like ‘I want to be a king’, ‘I want to wear my boy jeans’, ‘I’m cool not pretty.’ We just let her get on with it- as long as she’s happy that’s all that matters. A few times I have said ‘You are cool but you are also pretty cause you are my gorgeous girl’ and it’s been met with a muttered response- so I don’t want to antagonise or highlight the situation further.

  5. Mummy Fever

    one of my boys used to love dressing up in his sisters things but now just wants to be Spiderman or Batman #OrdinaryMoments

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