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This morning I put a photo on Instagram of my wife and Ted. It struck me, again, that all of the photo’s I post are of the boy or me and the boy! Out of 100’s of photo’s taken every day there are very, very few of Jen. She is always the one behind the camera.

Why is this? On reflection, there are times when I have asked Jen to actually feature in the snap itself, but she often doesn’t want to because she’s tired after being up all night and doesn’t think she looks good. WHAT?! She always looks good!

Jen takes photos at a ridiculous rate, never mind 10 frames per second… She is what people call ‘snap happy.’ Every outfit, meal, new toy of Ted’s is photographed. She is obsessed with memories and cherishing every moment (hence The Dad Network hashtag #cherisheverymoment) and she likes to keep a record of literally everything. I, on the other hand, am happy to have these moments in my mind. They are no less special, it just doesn’t occur to me to photograph everything in the same way it does to her. Until now…. I’ve been looking through the almighty photograph collections of the past 8 months and I am shocked by how few photos there are of Jen and Ted. I wish I had taken more.  This is going to change! Our faithful Instagram following have created the hashtag, #TDNgetintheframe and the idea is that we start sharing photo’s of the ‘other parent.

‘ Whether it’s mum or dad usually behind the camera, it’s time to balance the books. The challenge is to get the usual budding photographer out from behind the camera in ‘in the frame!
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Feel free to link up your photo from your Instagram account or if you’re a blogger, maybe share a photo from your blog! We’re also posting this on our Facebook, so you can add your snaps there too.

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    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you. Look forward to seeing your photos John :)

  1. Ashley Beolens

    Great idea, I’m nearly always the one behind the camera so there are really very few photos of me with any of the kids let alone by myself.

    • Al Ferguson

      Thanks Ashley, are you joining us then? Great some pics of you and the kids this weekend. Look forward to seeing some. I’m def getting some of Jen this weekend no matter what!

  2. Becster

    It’s the same in our household. I’m the one taking photos so I never feature in any. Even Mothers Day last year I had no photos of me with Little Miss.

    • Al Ferguson

      Oh No! That is such a shame! We must all try to change this! I hope you get some nice photos of the two of you soon.

  3. MummyBexm

    I am exactly like Jen – I take all of the photos and I document everything (I’ve blogged about our family albums I’m creating). Plus – I’m always the one that feels too tired/ frumpy/ fat to not want to be in the photos – even though my hubby says he doesn’t think that. I guess the difference is that women feel they will be judged, whereas photos of dads are just nice! x

    • Al Ferguson

      Hi Bex, it’s jen! I always think I’ll look too ugly or fat too! Men just don’t seem to care the same way! Shouldn’t generalise really but I know Al couldn’t care less! That photo of him that went viral was a paid photo shoot and he didn’t even have a wash, brush his hair or trim his beard. I wouldn’t have any taken of me that day because I looked so bloody awful! Ted was only 4 days old! Wish I had done really. We should do it for our boys. I’m going to try and care a bit less and just make sure there are some pics to look back on. Ill just have to get Al to promise not to share them :)
      Hope you’re well and love to Jake x

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