The Dad Network Has Officially Gone Viral

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Who would have thought that in 48 hours, The Dad Network and my son Ted would have been round the entire globe on some of the biggest websites on the web. I certainly wouldn’t have! Well, if you are visiting from one of those websites, welcome.

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Just to keep you up to date on where you might have seen us, here’s some of the sites: 


Metro UK
Big City Moms
Global News

Where did you 1st see our viral photo? Leave your comments below, I read them all. 

Thanks, Al

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  1. Victoria

    Great picture! But if I follow will I get more of those or will I just get lots of product reviews?!

    • Al TheDadNetwork

      Erm, I doubt you’ll get more pictures like this… But you won’t get loads of product reviews either. 1 a week maybe? Thanks for all your comments.

  2. branchenergy

    Congrats on the little one, I’ve enjoyed reading other bits of your blog too (I’m also a keen cyclist but can’t run for toffee) but this pic came to my attention via facebook. And now I seem to have created a bit of a shit storm on the Happy Place page to rival what your lad created *just because* I happened to challenge someone on a heterosexist comment. So it was really refreshing to read “the story of a gay grandad” before I go to sleep.
    Good luck with the OCD, I don’t have issues with bodily fluids, mine’s more to do with where things live and coins….

  3. Anonymous

    the smile on the baby’s face :)

    • Anonymous

      I like Ted’s smile !

  4. sasibeau

    so funny, i had it with my eldest son but never put those online…just deleted those but you can see at your son his face that he is happy that it is gone ;)

  5. Anonymous

    Hello Al, it’s your local paper the Courier here in Tunbridge Wells. I’d love to pop up a story on our website Please may we have your permission to use the photos? We would obviously give the website and the photographer a heavy mention! Would you also have time to email some quotes to us about the whole ‘gone viral’ aspect? I hope you have time and thank you, Mary

  6. rapp921

    Saw on Buzzfeed and the story is now circulating in the US!!

  7. wornoutwoman a.k.a. Kimberly McKay

    This made me smile today. Thanks for the amazing post. As parents, we always want that perfect picture … and our kids always going to do their own thing. I’m just laughing that he did it all over your arm and that poor photographers tarp or flooring. LOL

  8. Jackie Hastings

    facebook.. congrats :) u look so proud and so u should be.. such a funny pic and amazing photos!!

  9. Anonymous

    l like your baby Ted ,his smile like sunshine make me warm and sweet ,thanks for share pics!

  10. Anonymous

    Your baby Ted is so cute!

    • Al Ferguson

      Hi Rachel,

      Thanks so much for your comment and thanks for recommending us! Have you seen our competitions?

  11. A Cornish Mum

    Ha I saw this ages ago because my boyfriend pointed it out to me online somewhere, just realised it was you lol go Ted! Best newborn pic ever and much more realistic than most

  12. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    It’s a brilliant photo! I saw it on facebook ages ago before I started blogging! It generated amazing exposure!

  13. Jeremy@thirstydaddy

    I just saw this on Facebook yesterday. I showed it to my wife and told her I was pretty sure I know who that poor dude is. I was right!

    • Al Ferguson

      Yes you do! :0 It’s going round again – hilarious photo though!

  14. Steve Patterson

    I first saw it on Facebook. I do a daddy blog and plan to have it scheduled for a future post, a little bit closer to Father’s Day. God Bless you and your family!

    • Al Ferguson

      Look forward to you joining us.:)

  15. Daisy gilham-hills

    We have just been chatting to your friends at ‘my little duckling’
    We would really like to send you a blanket for review and to see if it is something you could sell in your online shop?
    If you could send me an address and contact name that would be great to
    We currently sell really well in Jojo maman Bebe, Nct & most boutique shops.
    Kindest regards
    Daisy & Michelle

  16. Natasha

    I shared that picture on FB when it first went viral…I didn’t realise that was you! Amazing!

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