The Dad Network Releases It’s Own New Dad Book

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New Dad Book of Secrets: Things you didn't realise you needed to know.

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Believe it or not, dads are only human. (Except for Darth Vader who is a pretty famous father, but not really that human…) Anyway, also, believe it or not, dads need support and help and encouragement. Despite what we say and the aura we attempt to give off, we rarely know what we’re doing. This could not be truer when it comes to parenting. I for one, have absolutely no idea what I’m doing and find myself fumbling around in the darkness of fatherhood all the time.

It’s for this reason that we decided to put together a short, easy to read, humorous yet informative new dad book. It’s called, ‘New Dad Book of Secrets: things you didn’t realise you needed to know.’

This book is utterly unique (to my knowledge) in that it is far from long-winded. Being only 3 something pages long it will take the average reader a mere 15-20 minutes to read in it’s entirety. Perfect for busy dads or dads who have had the same conversation with their wives as I have… “No darling, I don’t need to read that huge parenting book on how to be a great dad.”

It’s also unique its approach. It’s filled with tiny, short chapters designed to be picked up at any moment for a quick blast of comfort, encouragement, humour and a little touch of wisdom thrown in for good measure. The cleverly written bite-size chunks of real life scenarios are poignant and relevant. The book pinpoints key principles of dad-hood and refines them down to unforgettable sound bites of wisdom that can be called upon instantly to inform a critical decision. And, as we all know, being a dad is full of critical decisions!

In no way does it claim to have all the answers or indeed claim to be expert advice. What it seeks to do is demonstrate that there are other dads out there in the same tired, glazed, zombie-like position taking many ‘stabbings’ in the dark. It seeks to provoke thought and discussion between parents rather than be a one stop help guide telling you “the way to do it.”

We see this book as something new to the market; a market already completely and utterly saturated with books, resources, blogs, videos and products aimed at mums. We’re striving to be a voice for dads!

We think it would make a great gift for new dads or expectant dads and it’s just before Christmas! So why not treat them to it and it will only cost you £2.56! A bargain!

If you sign up to our mailing list, we’ll even email you a free excerpt to have a taster before you get the full book. We’re pretty generous like that!



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