The Dadsnet Awards 2019

The Dadsnet Awards were created so that Dad’s can champion the very best baby, toddler & children’s brands in the market.

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The Dadsnet Product Awards are back for a 5th year and we’d like to invite you to enter. 

Created so that Dad’s can champion the very best baby, toddler & children’s brands in the market, the Dadsnet awards are fast becoming highly respected in the amongst the flurry of annual product awards. 

Brands are recognising the importance of a Dad’s opinion – why? Because dads are making more purchasing decisions than ever before. 

Our research shows that 93% of Dads feel that marketing & advertising is aimed at mums and 85% of Dads DO NOT feel valued by brands. 

By simply using a Dadsnet Award in your marketing, you can drastically impact those stats. 

If you haven’t ever seen how our awards work, it’s really simple: 

Step 1:

Enter your product into the awards for just £125*

Step 2:

Send your product for testing**

Step 3:

Ask your friends, family & followers to vote for their favourite products

Step 4:

Join the virtual award ceremony for a glass of virtual prosecco!

The Dadsnet Awards are completely unique for many key reasons:

  • We put your products in front of real-life dads to test out for themselves. 
  • We also share your products with our closed, private network of 22,000 dads. They get the chance to learn about your product, vote and have share their opinions.
  • Our awards are fully independent meaning you get integrity, credibility and reliability!
  • We offer a fair and honest judging process. We don’t run our awards as a popularity contest whereby the product with the largest social following is guaranteed a win. We weight our judging so that the opinions and thoughts of dads are what counts.
  • We offer exceptional marketing potential for your product. 
  • Winners will get editorial coverage on The Dadsnet website. 
  • A click-to-buy link for all the gold winners. 
  • Multi-platform social media promotion for all the winners.
  • Shortlisted products will be judged by over 30 dads, dad influencers and industry experts. 
  • Digital, unique award badge for winners which you’re free to use as you wish. 

Entries open on 23rd May 2019 and close on 21st July 2019, so make sure you get your product into the running.

If you’re thinking of entering, take a look at the list of categories below:

(subject to change).

Best Pregnancy Essential

Best Dad Fashion Brand

Best App

Best Blog

Best Baby Essential

Best Nursery Essential

Best Baby Fashion Brand

Best Children’s Fashion Brand

Best Children’s Shoe Brand

Best Baby Toy

Best Children’s Toy

Best Baby & Children’s Food Brand

Best Changing Bag

Best Pushchair / Stroller

Best Family Day Out

Best Travel Essential

Best Product

Best Gadget

Best Toiletry

Best Family Holiday Destination

Best Family Holiday Provider


  1. Can we get a VAT receipt? Yes. We will issue VAT receipts once the entries window has closed.
  2. Will I get an email confirmation? You won’t receive an email straight after entering, however, you will receive an email once the entry deadline has passed.
  3. What are the timeframes for the awards? The timings are as follows:

23rd May – Entries Open

21st – July – Entries Close

July – Testing Day (Date TBC) 

26th July – Public Vote Opens

31st August – Public Vote Closed

17th September – Virtual Award Ceremony

Please find all our terms and conditions here or for more information, email:

*VAT not included

**Products will need to be sent to a specific address on a specific date – TBC