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“Outdoor skills are dying out, parents fear”

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48% of parents lack confidence to teach kids basic outdoor skills including map reading, fire-lighting and putting up a tent.

The Dadsnet CampOut is our answer to these tragic statistics. But this year, because of YOU-KNOW-WHAT… we’re having our annual campout… IN!

The Great Global Dadsnet Campout/in is set to be the #1 memory you’ll be taking from lockdown.

From bushcraft to DJ’s to competitions to dancing, it’s all going on at the Great Global Dadsnet Campout/in!

Taking place over the late May Bank Holiday Weekend (May 23 / 24) from Saturday lunchtime at 1pm ’til Sunday morning at 11am across our social channels, our aim is to help you make wonderful memories.

Make sure you’re ready for the sleepover by setting up your front room camps, forts and dens, or setting up the tent in the garden with the BBQ nearby…


Saturday 23rd May

(All times are GMT)

1pm – Welcome from Dadsnet founder Al Ferguson

  • Competition Details so don’t miss this! 

2pm – Meet Princess Elsa with Once Upon A Wish Events

3:30 – Live Q & A with Andy Day from Andy & The Odd Socks

4pm – Bushcraft with Really Wild Education | Fire lighting

You will need: 

  • Tinder: Cotton wool & vaseline Or firelighters Or a tinder bundle (seed heads, fine dry grass/hay, birch bark shavings)
  • Kindling: sticks/twigs wood logs for burning 
  • A way of lighting the fire: fire steel/flint & Steel, matches or a cigarette lighter etc
  • Canister of water or bucket of sand for emergencies to put out the fire 

6pm – Bushcraft Quiz hosted by Big Man In The Woods

You will need: Pen, paper, thinking caps! 

7pm – Disco with Nicky Clarke

9pm – Bingo with Adam Hickmott

Prize: Bunch of Balloons Goody Pack + Dadsnet T-Shirt

Sunday 24th May

9am – Bushcraft with Really Wild Education | Knife Safety

You will need: 

  • A knife (preferably a fixed blade or sheath knife) 
  • Some green wood. (If you do not have green wood then seasoned wood will work but it is much tougher to carve)
  • Some firewood 
  • A hand saw (not essential but very useful) 
  • A baton (just a lump of wood to hit on the back of the knife) 
  • First aid kit 
  • Something soft to kneel on or a comfortable, safe area to work.
  • A camping or hand axe (this is a short handled axe where the handle is typically the length of your elbow to fingertips or wrist)
  • A tree stump or equivalent to chop on (not essential)

11am – That’s a wrap with Dadsnet founder Al Ferguson



Your backyard or living room!

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