The Dadsnet Micro Influencer Terms & Conditions | Dad Collective


1.1 The Dadsnet wishes to appoint the Influencer to be part of the The Dadsnet Micro Influencer team. 

1.2 These terms and conditions shall be legally binding on the Parties, but does not contain the entire agreement between the Parties, which are subject to each individual brief. 

1.3 The Influencer may continue to produce content for brands and networks.

1.5 The Influencer will be required to fulfil the individual briefs to the best of their ability. 

1.6 The Influencer will be proactive in promoting content on The Dadsnet platforms. 

1.8 The Influencer consents to The Dadsnet using their name, image and other personal data supplied by the Influencer in relation to their content for any purpose in connection with the promotion of the Influencer’s content including, but not limited to, on the The Dadsnet Website and social feeds. 

1.9 The Influencer warrants that all content provided by the Influencer to The Dadsnet including, but not limited to, your videos, constitute the Influencers own work. 


2.1 The Term of this agreement shall commence on the date the influencer signs up to Dad Collective. 

2.2 The minimum term between Influencer and The Dadsnet under this agreement is 1 month. (“Term”).

2.3 This agreement shall remain in place until terminated following the minimum term. Either party may terminate this agreement at any point, by giving 7 days written notice. 


3.1 The Dadsnet charges the influencer 20% commission on agreed deals. 

3.2 Products may be offered instead of payment. 


4.1 The Influencer will be paid on completion of the brief in line with The Dadsnet’s payment plan. 

4.2 Payments will be made via BACS transfer and require the Influencer to provide an invoice. 


5.1 The Influencer undertakes to keep these terms and those of the individual client briefs confidential at all times save as to those disclosures to professional advisers or as required by law. 


6.1 The Influencer warrants that they are free to enter into this agreement. 

6.2 The Influencer will act at all times in good faith and perform activities with reasonable care and skill. 

6.3 The Influencer agrees that they will not work or communicate directly with any companies / brands that The Dadsnet have introduced them to via a Dad Collective campaign.

6.4 The Influencer grants The Dadsnet an exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable license to publish, reproduce, display, distribute and otherwise use all of the content that the Influencer creates as part of The Dadsnet Micro Influencer Program. 

6.5 If branded content does not meet the expectations or brief of the client for any reasonable reason, the Influencer agrees to re-create and edit the content free of charge or forfeit any payments.

6.6 These terms may be added to or amended at any point, in which case The Dadsnet will notify the Influencer in writing. 

6.7 These Terms of Business shall be governed by English law and be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

Full terms and conditions can be downloaded here