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The Dadsnet Toy Awards celebrate the very best baby & children's toys on the market. And we're not going to let CV19 stop us!

So why Enter the Dadsnet Toy Awards?

  • Winners will get editorial coverage on the Dadsnet website with 80,000 MPV. 
  • A click-to-buy link for all the winners. 
  • Multi-platform social media promotion to our 320,000 followers, for all the winners.
  • Winners will automatically be shortlisted for our 2021 toy experts annual Christmas gift guide at the end of the year. 
  • Shortlisted toys will be judged by over 30 dads, dad influencers and toy experts
    (we have to respond accordingly to government guidelines at the time of judging so the amount of judges is subject to change.)
  • Digital, unique award badge for winners which you're free to use as you wish; on your packaging, digital, print or trade :)

How does it work?

The Dadsnet Toy Awards are simple, easy and unique. 

Phase 1: Entering

Brands enter their product using our quick and simple online form for £175*.

Phase 2: Samples

We like to keep things super simple for you so we only require 1 sample, sent to 1 location. You can't get more simple than that, surely! 

Phase 3: Testing

We invite dads from within the Dadsnet plus our resident toy expert, to Dadsnet HQ to put the products through their paces. They give each entry a score based on 4 categories. 

Phase 4: Voting

Following the testing, we open up the products for a public vote. This is your chance to get your customers, followers, friends, and family to vote for you. Whilst the dads testing phase carries more significance, the public vote can be the difference between Gold & Silver! 

Phase 5: Celebrating

Once the testing scores have been added to the public vote scores, we announce the winners at a virtual award ceremony that we host on Twitter. It's quite an evening with over 650,000 impressions last time!


How much does it cost to enter the awards?

To enter the awards, it's £175+VAT per product entered. If you enter 3 products, you get your 4th entry for free. 

Which category should I enter? 

Have a look through the list of categories and see which would best suit your product. Remember you can enter your product in up to 2 categories. 

I still can't decide which category is best suited, can I contact someone at The Dadsnet for some advice? 

Yes. Of course you can. We'd absolutely love to help in any way we can. Email us at:

How do I pay for my entry? 

All payments must be made online before the closing date. You can do this when you fill out your entry form using the secure online payment system. VAT sales receipts will be issued once the entry window has closed.

When is the closing date? 

The closing date for entries is 1st March 2021. 

What if my product isn't on sale yet? Can I still enter? 

Yes. We welcome brand new products and appreciate that having some award wins under your belt to launch with is very valuable. However, we MUST HAVE a sample sent to us when required. 

How many samples will I need to send out? 

Just 1. That's the beauty of our awards, simple and at low cost to you. However, please keep in mind that we will not be able to return any samples at all. 

How are the awards judged? 

We recruit a wide variety of dads from all over the UK to come and test out the products. The dads look at 4 different categories to judge; quality, value for money, innovation and maximum play potential. The judges will give the product a score that will be carried through to the public voting round. The judge's scores, however, carry more weight and therefore vastly more significant than the public vote. 

When and how will I find out if we've won? 

You will be told via email whether you've won or not. This will have a short media embargo but we will make sure you have all the information. We will then host a virtual award ceremony that we invite you and all your followers to be a part of. It's at this point that you can share your good news. 

My question hasn't been answered here? 

No problem. Just send us an email at


*Excluding VAT