The FA and The Dadsnet Team Up In Bid to Discover New Talent

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Exclusive: The FA and the Dadsnet have announced plans to help them find and nurture talented British babies to play for the national football team.

The performance team at Wembley have data collected from around the world that babies are better at kicking than adults and they are very good at dribbling too.  With the support of the elite coaching team, the FA aim to turn our most brilliant and beautiful babies into fantastic footballers before they can even walk.

The Dadsnet will provide guidance to the performance team throughout the selection and recruitment process.  The Dadsnet is already collaborating with British toy inventor Nick Farnsworth, to help them support dads play together using a range of sports themed developmental and sensory toys, including an award winning Football Baby Activity Gym.  

Football baby activity gym
Freddy on his first day of football training – utilising state of the art football training facility developed by Little Sport Star

The plan was hatched by dads who were talking on one of the Dadsnet Facebook forums. They realised that parents were taking their babies to sporting clubs and training centres as young as 6 months.  They all had the same hopes and aspirations for their children but realised that too many coaches were throwing babies out with the bath water instead of giving them the right opportunities. From the online Dadnet discussions, Nick approached the FA with his plans to nurture football prodigies from birth. 

The performance director at Little Sport Star commented that: “The FA who are constantly looking for marginal gains over their competitors. As a result of our new programme, when these players grow up they will be trained athletes who won’t throw their toys out the pram when decisions go against them in major tournaments.”

Gareth Southgate supports the initiative.

He commented: “We know that in the US babies are learning to bash baseballs as young as 3 months old and the Chinese have developed training performance programmes for elite ping pong player who are still pooping in their pants.”

He continued: “Harry Kane is good but, imagine how good he would have been if we had started his training regime earlier? Thanks to The Dads Net, future Harry Kane’s won’t slip through the net again.”

Parents who are interested in the programme can send in their details to the FA through the Little Sport Star website or through The Dadsnet.  Parents will be asked to post videos of their baby dribbling on Instagram with hashtag #littlesportstar & #thedadsnet.  The selected babies will receive a football baby gym and be invited for a nap of honour before the match at the next European Qualifier against Bulgaria in September.

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