The Halloween ‘Boo Baskets’ trend taking over TikTok

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Forget Christmas Eve boxes, everyone is now talking about Boo Baskets!

And yes, it’s because Halloween is continuing to get more expensive and more bigger still, year on year. (Thanks TikTok / America!)

Yes, TikTok has a whole new Halloween trend. And it’s the spooky treat you never knew you needed …

Just take the ‘Boo Baskets’ hashtag; it’s had over 50 million views on social media already and we’re only just in October!

Anyway, if you can’t beat them, join in…

So What is a ‘Boo Basket’

It’s essentially a Halloween hamper filled with delights & treats for the spookiest night of the year.

Back when it originated, it was just a fun way to give gifts to friends, neighbours and family. Once they’d been ‘boo’d’, as in, scared, they then passed on the tradition, making a boo basket for someone else.

But of course, the world of Tiktok has taken over the trend and added a new spin which has seen an obscene amount of people making the baskets for their partners ALREADY.

We gest – because although it is blown out of proportion, it’s a great activity to do with the kids that’s not just about ghouls and ghosts and chainsaw massacres – this does have a positive and kind message at the heart.

What should you put in your ‘Boo Basket?’

Popular items include:

  • Blankets to snuggle under and watch scary (or just any) movies
  • Halloween decs
  • Slippers
  • Snacks
  • Toys or books
  • Drinks
  • Trick or treating bags
  • Sweets

It doesn’t matter what sort of box you use either.

It could be a cardboard box (decorated with Halloween stickers or paper).

When do you give Boo Baskets?

Whenever you want as long as it’s near Halloween (please ? ). You can give to your child a few weeks before Halloween – a good idea if you want to decorate and make it into a little project.

Or you could give it to them on the morning of 31 October to really get them in the spooky swing of things.

What do parents say?

It’s fair to say parents are divided over the trend – shock.

It is a nice activity, but it’s also more evidence of the commercial invasion from the States that drives a lot of parents bonkers because with it comes more expense!


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