The Most Common Car Seat Mistakes that Parents Make

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    We are at the stage now of changing from rear facing to forward facing car seat although we would much rather remain with our 14 month Son facing rear. The presure to change to forward facing comes down to only one factor wich is lack of room for legs. Over tge past few weeks our child has grown to the height were his legs are now too long for the rear facing car seat as he is on much discomfort now with his legs squashed againts the seats infront leaving his knees close to body and unable to freely kick his legs making him very uncomfortable. We have changed to next stage seat but only way to give him the room is to adjust the seat to one if 3 tilt potion options and has gone from exciment getting in the seat to restraining each time am i just selecting the wrong seats or is this a common reason for many changing to front facing at under 2 years old??

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