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The Official LEGO Towers Challenge

Millions of Dads across the world will be ‘expert’ LEGO builders, and by ‘expert,’ we mean have spent a lot of time building various objects for their kids. 

We also know that dads really enjoy building with LEGO bricks. 

That’s why, we’ve created the LEGO Tower Challenge. 

This is how the LEGO Tower Challenge works: 

Build the tallest tower of LEGO bricks, using just one hand, in just 30 seconds.

The current world record stands at 29 bricks. Just less than 1 per second! Think you can rival it?

Here’s the rules: 

  • You can only use 1 hand. 
  • You only have 30 seconds to build as high as you can. 
  • The tower must be free-standing. 
  • For a valid entry, you must have uploaded your video to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #LEGOtowerchallenge AND #dadsnet
  • You need to nominate at least 2 friends to take on the challenge. 
  • LEGO Bricks must be the 2 X 4 bricks. (See below) 
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LEGO Duplo

We’re conscious that some people will only have Duplo bricks to use. This is also fine, although you won’t be competing against the LEGO brick dads. 

There is NO Duplo brick world record (that we’ve been able to find) so the fastest Duplo brick builder could well have the world record!!! 

Have fun!


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