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The Reason The Isle Of Wight Festival Ticks More Than One Of Our Family Holiday Boxes

The Isle of Wight Festival is renowned for being a fabulous event. As far as festivals go, it’s reputation is up their with the best and as lovers of the Isle of Wight, it has always been on our radar to go.

The barrier, however, has always been the kids – do we really want to take the kids to a festival? Procrastination and deliberation over this question has always meant that we never actually booked our tickets. But this year was different.

We were kindly gifted press tickets and after a bit of forward planning we decided to go for it. With all three children. But….we went down a slightly alternative route and simply split our family down the middle.

You see, the Island itself is fantastic for families – just take a look here – so rather than decide between the festival and the island, we did both.

Jen took Louis (14) to the festival for a day and I toured the island and some of our favourite places with the younger 2 kids. Everyones a winner!

looking back now, the weekend could not have gone better. We all had a fabulous time. Here are just some of the reasons why;

  1. Island festivals offer a unique experience that every festival lover should experience. Just simply leaving the mainland behind by jumping on a boat, waving goodbye to all your daily stresses and arriving on a brand new island is already setting the Isle of Wight festival apart from the rest.
  2. The Isle of Wight Festival is a very friendly place. My wife struggles daily with her battle against anxiety but when she was at the IOW festival she felt really safe being surrounded by happy people having a good time.
  3. The main draw for festivals is usually the star studded line up on the bill. This year Fatboy Slim and George Esra were leading the line up for the Isle of Wight Festival and Jen and Louis thought they were both excellent. But it’s not all about music. This year they had fair ground rides, numerous market stalls, food, drink and a kids play area.

The festival is a great reason to come to the Isle of Wight, but there are countless other reasons why you should not only come for the festival but also come for a few days before or a few days after, with the kids or without the kids.

In just the 2 days we were on the Island, while Jen and Louis enjoyed the festival, Teddy (4), Isla (7) and myself went to The Needles, had an open top bus ride, went to one of our favourite beaches (Sandown), enjoyed the Island cafes, looked round the beautiful little town of Yarmouth and dug for treasure in Ventnor. We filled every second but we still hadn’t done some of our other favourites:

The Isle of Wight is a very special place for us. We have holidayed on TheIsland many, many times but until now we have never been over for the festival, or just for the weekend. Even in such a short space of time, all five of us had a magnificent break away, enjoying all that The Island has to offer.

We are already planning our next trip back and have been looking at Earlybird tickets for The Isle Of Wight Festival 2020.

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