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The Scared Dad!

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 02/02/2014

It’s perfectly normal for dads to be scared when they’re expecting a baby. I for one, am. Now a baby is imminent, I watch parents all over the place. I ask myself, “what would I do in that situation?” “What would I say to my kid if they won’t listen to me?” (It’s apparent that so many kids DO NOT listen!) That’s scary in itself. So, I’ve listed some of my genuine fears:   

#1 The day when my child can out wrestle me  

#2 I might drop the baby or bath it in water that’s too hot  

#3 Will I get time to play football?  

#4 Can we afford a baby?  

#5 Will it effect my relationship with my wife?  

#6 Will I know how to care for a baby?  

#7 I generally need my 8 hours a night!  

#8 Will my whole life become baby consumed?  

#9 What if there is something wrong with the baby?  

#10 Will I be a good father?  

#11 Will the birth be too much for me?  

#12 What if they don’t support arsenal?   

#13 What will they be when they’re all grown up?  

#14 I wonder what they will look like?   

#15 Will I know what the baby wants/needs?  

I think (hope) that these are all natural concerns for dads, and I’m sure they all work themselves out or become non-issues, but right now, they’re very real. I’m sure all dads feel some of these things at some point. 

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