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When I was younger I used to watch an american TV program called The Babysitter’s Club. As far as I can remember, it was pretty trashy, but being a young child, I’d watch it anyway. My brother and I also used to be in a club called, “The Practical Joke Club.” He and I were the founders and the sum total of the members and basically we played 1 or 2 practical jokes on our parents. There’s something about clubs and children; belonging to something bigger than yourself is not only appealing, but important for children to experience. I’ve already signed the boy up to the Junior Gunners Club… (The hope is that by the time he’s 15, he’ll be at the top of the season ticket list!)

We were sent a great new product called, ‘The Sticker Club.’ This product is very simple yet taps in to some fabulous desires of children, making it a brilliant gift idea for your children or someone else’s children.

#1 As I said, it’s called The Sticker Club, which means that anyone part of it is part of a ‘club.’ The child is now feeling and experiencing being part of something bigger than just themselves. (This, at it’s very least, is very helpful to speed along the theory of egocentricity dilemma…) But it is great for children to sign up to things at an early age.

#2 How it works is that each month The Sticker Club post an envelope filled with stickers to subscribers. Well, I guess parents are the official subscribers, but the envelope is addressed and posted to the child. And that’s the second desire of a child; to receive some genuine mail! I remember as a child being very jealous of my brother when he started to receive things in the post, whether it be a birthday card or first bank statement etc… Little did I know, and children certainly don’t know, that mail is generally the most boring and frustrating thing. Junk mail! Bills! Leaflets!

But still, as a subscriber, the child will receive a beautiful bright yellow envelope addressed to them, delivered to them, each month. Something to really look forward to!

#3 The stickers themselves are good quality. In a previous life, I was actually a sticker expert, so I’m fairly familiar with a high standard of adhesives, peel-ability, paper quality and gloss finish… that was a joke, but… all of those things seem to be as good as any sticker I’ve stuck! But also, the pictures are current and relevant to children. Our guinea pig was a boy and he was over-joyed with the Minecraft stickers. He created this:

I assume, if your child is a girl, that the content would be girl appropriate. You also get a fairly decent amount of stickers. It’d be a slight anticlimax if you signed up, eagerly anticipated the arrival only to receive 2 stickers…but this isn’t like that.

This product is great. It appeals to children and gives them something to enjoy. It’s not going to set the world on fire, but would make a great birthday present or general gift. We can’t find a fault or something we don’t like and we’re looking forward to seeing what stickers we get in our next envelope.

The Sticker Club receives an official Dad Network star rating of 5 / 5 stars and our award of recommendation.


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