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The Ultimate Kids Tech Guide For Christmas

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Published on 16/11/2017

Looking for the perfect gift for your tech-savvy children? We’ve scoured the world of kids tech to see what’s hot this year.

Nokia 3310, RRP £49.99

Now we all know that kids want the latest tech but if you’re hesitatnt about giving your child a smart phone right off the bat, the this is what you need. (Plus, the Nokia 3310 will give you that retro thrill only a parent knows.)

This phone is a perfect starter phones for Tweens as it has the basics to intro your child into the world of mobile tech and let’s be honest who doesnt love a game of snake?

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EQ Light Up Speaker, £39.99

With CD players out and tablets in this Christmas then you’ll want to invest in something cool to listen to your tunes through.

This speaker is a great addition to a kids room, a teens room or even in your own living room!

Simply hook up your music (via Bluetooth or cable) to the speaker and away you go. It’s a lightweight piece but perfect for a bedroom or shared space. With the  lights, it’s literally a whole disco all in one!

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The RCA by Venturer Mercury tablet, £49.99

If you’re looking to buy your child a tablet this Christmas, then check out the Venturer Mercury tablet.

This android based tablet is great for kids on the go due to it’s handy size at just 7 inches. We have a tablet for all 3 children purely because they’re so useful when travelling. Not only this but our middle child has a speech delay and a tablet has been fantastic to help support his development; tablets are great for so many different things!

You can access hundreds of super games, often free, as well as films via apps like Netflix (downloadable for on the go).

We found this easy to set up and it was good to go within 5 minutes of taking it out the box. I would say this is a good entry level table for the 4-12 age range.

Add a keyboard and it was fab for our 8 year old to use for research with her latest homework as well.

(We do suggest a memory card to extend the memory for on the go film watching.)

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Azoomee Kids, £44.99

In the tech generation, it can often feel hard to keep up with the kids, what they are doing online and how to keep them safe too.

With a high percentage of kids getting some form of tablet or computer, we would highly suggest a gift like Azoomee Kids. Not only does it have access to some quality kids programs and apps it also has safe chat options and educational games.

This is an ideal gift with a years pass is only £44.99 making it an affordable and lasting gift PLUS it helps keep your children safe online!

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Kurio Watch, £79.99

The all new Kurio Watch 2.0 is the ultimate smartwatch made just for kids! With four Watch Bands available, two of which change colour, your watch can match your style and mood every day.

The Kurio Watch 2.0 is pre-loaded with tons of fun games and apps, with both single and multi-player options. The watch also has a camera for much needed selfie taking, video recording and has loads of hilarious filters.

Now here’s the cool part, the Kurio Watch 2.0 can be connected to other Kurio devices using Bluetooth, meaning you can send photos, emojis, doodles, texts and voice messages to your Kurio Friends!

And the fun doesn’t stop there, the watch also has everything you could need in a watch including a timer, alarm (so you’ll never be late for school again), calendar, contacts, phone functions, music, activity tracker and so much more!

For help using the device visit:

Don’t forget to enter our competition to win a Venturer Elite in time for Christmas!

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