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Waiting: “The action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or event.”

I think it’s fair to say that action is being delayed until a particular event! And I’m bored of waiting. I’m impatient at the best of times. Saving up for something new, waiting for the world cup and Tour de France and even waiting for the wife to cook dinner are all things I’m impatient for. But now I’m impatient for 2 more things: my boy to arrive and my wife to be back to normal. 

37 weeks pregnant is considered full term. (Picture is of 37 weeks). Which means the baby could arrive at any moment and won’t be ‘premature.’ I’ve spent 8 months watching him grow, develop and hit all his milestones (and the wife on all these accounts) and now I’m ready to meet him. Well, ready is a bizarre word. I don’t think anyone is ever ready for what’s about to hit them, but I am certainly ready to embark on the next stage of the journey.

I see him kicking around attempting to burst through her belly button, which is now a full blown ‘outy.’ He’s ready, I’m ready, his nursery is ready, both sets of grandparents are ready…

…The wife however, is not ready. And why would she be? There is no possible human explanation for being ready to push a watermelon through your vagina. It is easy for me to be impatient because it isn’t me that has to go through the physical pain of the labour. Some emotional pain, sure, but not physical.

She says that she’d be happy to stay bumpy forever. I’m not sure if that’s true or down to the anxiety of the looming labour. It makes for an interesting dynamic in our house though. She asked me yesterday if, like her, I’ll miss the bump? Well, what would I rather: my gorgeous wife who feels well, comfy, active and energetic or my gorgeous (but in a pregnant way), tired, uncomfortable, immobile and anxious wife? It’s a no brainer! Don’t get me wrong, the wife has been perfect! She never complains and always keeps going, she’s remained calm, kind and gentle, she totally embraced the changes to her body and has genuinely been perfectly wonderful but I kinda’ want my wife back. 

You see it’s not just that I’m impatient to meet my boy, I’m also impatient to get my wife back. I want her body back and her energy back and her time back. Is it normal to be feeling like this? The end is in sight and things will never be the same. I’m not so naive that I think things are going to go back to how they were before pregnancy struck, so probably a better way of describing this feeling, is that I am looking forward to the limitations of pregnancy being removed. 

This is a strange time of being in limbo. Everything is done and ready for the arrival and we’ve done the long haul part of the pregnancy. Now I’m bored of waiting and want my boy in my arms and my wife without the pregnancy limitations. 

It leaves me to say one last thing and that is just how lucky I have been to A) experience such a wonderful pregnancy and B) The reason it’s been wonderful is because I have such an amazing pregnant wife. She really is perfect! 

Oh and one last thing… I must be careful what I wish for though… as a friend rightly said, “I’ve not had to put up with ‘nasty wife’ appearing for 7 days out of every 28 for the last 8 months.” I’ll miss that!