These are the gadgets you need to pack in the car for your summer holidays

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We’ve picked out some of the best new gadgets on sale today designed to make road trips a little more relaxing – and a whole lot more fun.

This summer is already shaping up to be the time of the UK-based holiday and, for many people, that means more hours in the car. Setting off across the country is exciting, to say the least, but does bring a whole new set of challenges compared with a usual holiday abroad.

Certain gadgets can make things easier. We’ve picked out some of the best new gadgets on sale today designed to make road trips a little more relaxing – and a whole lot more fun.

Lifesaver Jerrycan – £249.99

The Lifesaver quickly purifies water from any source

The Lifesaver Jerrycan might look like it’s better served at transporting petrol, but that’s far from what it’s about. It’s actually a water storage and purification system all in one, holding up to 18.5 litres of water at any one time. It’s ideal for camping or for when you’re travelling further afield and is robust enough to deal with all the bumps and scrapes that come with an adventure.

Thanks to a clever charcoal filtration system, it removes bacteria, viruses and parasites from any type of water. It means you can fill it up from pretty much any source and it’ll turn it into clean, clear drinking water. Plus, you can even add an attachable shower head for little home comfort on the road.

Coleman 28QT Xtreme Cooler – £80

Coleman coobox
A good coolbox is crucial to any summer road trip

A good coolbox is a must-have for any trip and the Coleman 28QT Xtreme is one of the best around. It’s reasonably priced at £80 and thanks to plenty of insulation, can keep its contents cold on ice for up to three days – so more than enough for a decent road trip.

With a capacity of 26 litres, there’s plenty of space inside, while the chunky lid – which incorporates two drinks holders – doubles as a seat, too.

Worx Hydroshot – £119.99

Worx Hydroshot
The Hydroshot is light and simple to use

Washing your car – or anything else for that matter – can prove challenging when you’re on the move. Even hosing down bikes, kayaks or camping chairs can be a real tussle, particularly if you’ve not got decent access to a water pipe.

That’s where the Worx Hydroshot comes in. It’s a battery-powered washer that can use pretty much any water source you can think of.
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A pond, bucket or even a large water bottle can be used, helping to ensure that you get everything cleaned down before you head back home.

Ring RTC200 inflator – £45.99

Ring digital inflator
Make sure your tyres are at the right pressures with an inflator

There’s nothing worse than being stuck with a flat tyre and no way of pumping it up. Fortunately, the RTC200 is a pretty simple solution. It’s a rechargeable tyre inflator capable of topping up a car tyre from flat in just three minutes without the need to plug it in.

Plus, it’ll also pump up bicycle tyres and airbeds. It’s got a light so you’ll be able to see where you’re going in the dark and has a USB socket so you can use it to top-up your smartphone batteries too.

Worx WX852 Jump starter – £99.99

Worx light
Not only does it work as a lamp, but the Worx device can even jump-start cars

Much like a flat tyre, a flat battery is a big inconvenience. It’s easy to do when you’re camping, too; leave a phone on charge or an interior light on and very quickly you can drain the battery.

The Worx WX852 is a rechargeable jump-starter capable of getting any petrol car under four litres or diesel car under two litres going again. Fully recharged in just four hours, it’s also got a powerful LED light and is completely waterproof. A USB socket means you can use it as a power bank, too.

Ring MP120 power inverter – £44

Ring inverter
An inverter can be a quick and easy way of charging devices

Keeping all of your major devices topped up can be tricky when you’re on the road, which is why an inverter like the Ring RINVU150 can really help. This one connects directly to your car’s 12-volt socket and can provide more than enough power for charging laptops or larger devices.

If you don’t want more power, then Ring also offers a version that attaches to your car’s battery – though this version doesn’t have the ease of use of the 12-volt version.
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Orvis Grip-Tight Windowed Hammock Seat Protector – from £129

Orvis hammock
The Orvis Hammock helps to keep your dog comfortable and secure

We can’t forget our four-legged friends of course, can we? If you’re fancying giving your dog the five-star travel treatment then we’d opt for the Orvis windowed hammock seat protector, as it’s got Bentley-esque quilting and helps to keep air moving underneath it so your hound stays cool.

Both water-resistant and breathable, the hammock is available in a variety of sizes to fit all manner of cars.

What is the best car gadget you have ever bought? Tell us about it down below!

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