Free book to explain Covid-19 19 to children

This Free Book Is Great For Explaining Covid-19, Coronavirus, To Your Children

The Coronavirus pandemic is stirring up a hornets nest of uncertainty and panic-buying across the UK and the rest of the world.

The vast majority of this panic is due to the media – real or ‘fake’ – and our children are witnessing this too. They’ll hear the news, they’ll hear conversations about it and they’ll be watching the panic buying – all of which may be adding unnecessary alarm.

So we want to provide you with this tool to help explain, in a calm and appropriate way, the ins and outs of coronavirus.

How to explain coronavirus to your children

It’s important that children are told about coronavirus, the seriousness of it but at the same time, simple steps they can take to help prevent the continued spread.

This free book, from Manuela Molina, is a fantastic resource to help explain to children what’s going on and what they can do.

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