This Simple Command Will Make Your Amazon Alexa Fart And Your Kids Laugh For Hours

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It may just be our family, but the kids love nothing more than to shout ‘Alexa’ at the Amazon Alexa…

Whilst infuriating, at least they’re not drawing on the walls, littering the floor with broken toys or demanding you watch Peppa Pig re-runs with them.

But their love for Alexa will reach new dizzy heights once they’ve discovered this wonderfully perfect command to give her…

“Alexa, ask for a fart.”

And if this video is anything to go by then your kids are sure to find it hilarious for hours on end.

I mean, there are more educational things you could get from Alexa, but very few as funny and entertaining as this – and it could just be me, but toilet humour is high on my ‘ways of bonding with my son’ list.

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And the best part, as soon as this feature is enabled and the kids are in full flow, you have the perfect excuse; you can blame Alexa every time you pass a little trouser cough.

(Mind you, whilst Alexa is pretty high-tech, the smell might give you away…)

In order to enable this amazing aspect of Alexa’s repertoire, all you need to do is say, ‘Alexa, enable 4AFART skill.’

Then make yourself a brew, sit on the sofa and enjoy your kids being entertained by a computer for at least enough time to drink your tea warm.

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