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Tips to de-ice the car with ease this winter

De-ice the car

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The winter months are here and that means leaving the warmth of the house earlier to get the icy car in a fit state to drive to school or work. With the price of fuel, you don’t want to be running the engine for ages on your drive – not to mention the environmental and potential theft consequences – you need to know some tips to de-ice the car in superfast time.

Well, we have crowdsourced some solutions for you and present our car de-icing tips to try over the next few months, allowing you more time under a toasty duvet in the morning. Feel free to add your own too.

De-ice the car

Tips to de-ice the car more quickly

The sun visor trick

This is one of the easiest car de-icing tips, but so few of us know about it. Simply put the sun visors down as you blast the windscreen with the heater in the usual way. This stops some of the hot air escaping into the back of the car, keeping it contained within the windscreen area and making it more efficient.

You will notice the ice will go much more quickly and you will be on the road before you know it. Don’t believe us? Here’s the sun visor trick to defrost the car in action:


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Rubbing an onion to defrost the car more easily

Look, we eased you in with the last one. This tip to de-ice the car more easily is a little more left field. If you know they are predicting a frost for the next morning, chop an onion in half the night before and go out and rub the middle bit over your windscreen. Yes you’ll have a streaky, onion smelling car for a while, but in the morning, you will be able to blast the ice off much more quickly.

It also works with potatoes and a vinegar and water solution, which brings down the freezing point and stops ice forming.


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The NASA method

Former NASA engineer-turned-YouTuber Mark Rober used science to work out the best way to de-ice the car and, if you know your way around a spaceship, you should be okay with a standard motor. His solution works like this:

  • Step 1: Turn ON the car heater immediately and put it at full blast
  • Step 2: Turn ON the car’s air conditioning to soak up any remaining moisture inside the vehicle
  • Step 3: Turn OFF the car’s inside air circulation to keep that wintery air outside of the vehicle
  • Step 4: OPEN all the car windows but only ever so slightly – this will help exchange the humidity in the car for the dry air that is outside.

And here’s the accompanying video:


The elbow grease approach

Okay, science can help defrost the car, but so can a bit of graft. This ‘tip’ from Dadsnet member Jack is not so likely to blow your mind, but still worth watching:

What not to do

For all these de-icing tips, there will still be a number of you who try the old hot water trick. Come on, we all know the issues with this. Well, except this bloke…

Not only does hot water potentially crack the windscreen, but there are other issues. If you do manage to clear your screen without damaging the windscreen, the water that pours on the pavement can easily freeze and cause a proper hazard for anyone walking along the road later.


Do you have any other tips to de-ice the car? Leave them in the Comments

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