To the lady that just stopped in her tracks and looked at my son in disgust

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  1. Johanna

    As a mum of a child who can’t wee normally anymore, seeing a small child taking a wild wee is a good memory. Life was made of wee’s in bushes, behind fences but now no spontaneity he needs a catheter to wee. Please don’t change for other people it’s only until your in their shoes can you say how you would do it, and even then it’s nobody’s business except yours! Go Teddy, and all the children who need a catheter to be able to wee!

  2. Iain

    My son has gone from refusing to wee anywhere other than a toilet to literally wee’ing anywhere! Latest wee’s include, a coffee cup being held by my wife in the front of the car and to our horror…We were on a playground. He climbed to the top of a slide, felt nature’s tingle and proceeded to have a piddle down a long the slide. To be fair, he slid straight down after it and dried it off with the seat of this pants!

  3. Kisha

    I honestly can’t remember if I squatted in public to pee in bushes as a child, but as a boymom, I’m all about my 3 year old son peeing in public parks. We find a tree with little to no onlookers in sight and let nature take its course. I prefer this over having an accident and going home. Parents of toddlers won’t judge.

  4. Fergus J-M

    Wow, she was obviously having a ‘moment!’ I mean he’s 3…older kids, teenagers and even adult males also do the same, so to be honest I think it’s her problem….no one in their right mind would have given it a second thought!

  5. Peter B

    She obviously does not have children, no parent would let their child wet themselves when there are other options. I have a 5 year old girl and a 6 year old boy and could not count the number of times they have had to have a discreet tinkle behind a bush or somewhere else, parents try to find the most discreet place with little or no onlookers to let them relieve themselves, kids are kids and they have not yet got the ability to hold their wee as long as adults. But good on the parent of this little 3 year old, any parent would understand, so the woman must not have children or if she does she must prefer to let their child wee themselves rather than not use a toilet?

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