Top 10 Baby Contradictions

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Now, without wanting to cause an argument and have women’s groups complain, I want to mention the myth that is, all women contradict themselves. I have heard a few people call the entire female population contrary by nature! Some people of the male variety, might suggest that women are tricky customers to deal with at the best of times.

They say they don’t want an anniversary gift and then get upset when you haven’t gotten them one.
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Some might say that they are ‘fine’ and then burst into tears. Others might tell you that it is completely fine if you want to go out on your bike for a couple of hours only to find on your return, your partner is in a bad mood as a result…

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Contradictions are one of the trickiest things to deal with, in my opinion, because just when you think you know where you stand or you know what to do, someone else says the opposite. In my experience, throughout pregnancy and having a new born we have heard a vast amount of contradictions.
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Too many in fact for things that are pretty important to get right. Here is my top 10 baby contradictions.

#1 Feed from 1 breast at a time VS feed from both in 1 feed.

#2 Absolutely no dummy VS use a dummy as it helps with cranial development!

#3 You should never wake a sleeping baby VS Wake the baby up for its feed.

#4 Lie the baby on its tummy VS don’t lie the baby on its tummy.

#5 Express if your boobs are engorged VS don’t express under any circumstances in the first few weeks.

#6 Keep the room dark during night feeds VS turn the lights on to fully wake the baby so it feeds better.

#7 Keep the baby in your room for 6 months VS as little as 4 weeks!

#8 Don’t give your baby water under any circumstances VS use water if your baby is showing hunger signs but not due a feed yet.

#9 Feed on demand VS set your routine.

#10 continue breastfeeding, even if it’s painful VS use a bottle at the first sign of trouble.

I must stress that these are all genuine pieces of advice we have either read or heard from people who would be classed as professionals and experts. So what does one do with that?

To me, it highlights the fundamental issue: there is no ‘right’ way. Therefore, find your own way seeking advice, but holding it always with a pinch of salt.
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*Good luck with your contrary partner by the way; we’re all in this together.

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  1. Anna

    Every baby is so different that one way will work and the other won’t. I think you have to just learn about you baby through a little trial and error. Great post. #TheList

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you. Totally agree, what suits one, won’t suit the other :)

  2. Serko

    Good post. The answer to any question can change at any time.

    • Al Ferguson

      If only it was easier! Thanks for your comment Serko :)

  3. Jenni - Baby Chaos

    Great post and it really does highlight that there is so much information and advice out there that there is not wrong way (or right way) to do it!!

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you Jenni- all so confusing isn’t it! If only there was a one-way only option that worked for all ;)

  4. Mum in Brum

    God these are all sooo true!! You forgot the one about not picking baby up when crying VS. never leave baby to cry under any circumstances…agh it’s all so confusing! Great list

    • Al Ferguson

      Thanks, glad I’m not the only one confused by it all :)

  5. Julie

    You’re right, there are so many ways to parents and each of us just have to find what works for our family.

  6. You Baby Me Mummy

    This whole parenting thing is baffling isn’t it, especially at the beginning. So much contradiction. Fab post. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  7. John Adams

    The one that gets me; “don’t use a bottle as your baby will get used to it instead of a nippled.” Vs “If you’re engorged, express and put the milk in the fridge to use later.”

    The breast feeding ones are endless and seem to exist simply to make couples feel guilty if they use formula. Having dropped that contentious nots on your blog…I’m off!! #TheList

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