Top 10 Best baby Girls Names 2014

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It’s amazing how posts about baby names seem to get the most hits.
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I guess people google it a lot. Last week, we posted our favourite boys names taken from the top 50 boys names 2014 and this week, we thought we’d bring you our favourite girls names. We struggled to name the boy and it took us 2 1/2 weeks after he was born to finally name him.

If he was a girl, we probably would have been more decisive. It is a tricky business though, so I’ve decided to put a Dad Network list together of the top girl baby names 2014.
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#10 Nora
#9 Lucy
#8 Poppy
#7 Audrey
#6 Avery
#5 Olivia
#4 Freya
#3 Amelia
#2 Ava
#1 Flo

This list is compiled based on the most popular baby girl names in 2014. We just chose our favourites from the most popular list!

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