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I’m Turning Into My Dad! PLUS The Official Top 10 ‘Dadisms!’

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 18/05/2016

I swore that I’d never do some of the things my dad did when I was a kid. I remember him constantly telling us about ‘specks’ (specks of dirt/dust that would be found on the carpets). He’d be down on his hands and knees picking them up one by one, rather than get out the vacuum cleaner and would always go on about it.

Yet, there I was earlier today, on my hands and knees picking up bits of dirt off the carpet in-front of Ted.

Not only this, but I’ve also adopted a few other traits or ‘dadisms’ from my old man. In the car, I tend to get irate by the same happenings as him and I’ve also started get fussy about keeping the doors shut in the house to ‘save heat.’ I also tend not to wear a T-Shirt when in and around the house… It won’t be long before I become a fully fledged replicar of him!

In fact, some recent research into ‘dadisms,’ has revealed that not only do 80% of dads feel that they’ve adopted their own father’s ‘dadisms,’ but also that men feel they turn into their own father’s aged 33.7 years old! Which means I’m on a 5 year downward spiral!

This research continued to find out what the nations favourite ‘dad one liners’ were and the results came out like this:

Top Ten Dadisms:

  1. “I’m not made of money” (30.8%)

  2. “I’m not sleeping; I’m just resting my eyes” (28.4%)

  3. “When I was your age” (25.9%)

  4. “Money doesn’t grow on trees” (23.85%)

  5. “Go ask your mother” (23.45%)

  6. “Whatever you do, don’t tell your mother” (20.1%)

  7. “They don’t make them like they used to” (16.15%)

  8. “What part of NO don’t you understand” (15.9%)

  9. “Turn off those lights. Do you think I am made of money?” (14.7%)

  10. “Am I talking to a brick wall?” (14.55%)

As someone who is campaigning strongly against stereotypes, I’m not sure how helpful this research is. None the less, if we refrain from reading too much into it, it is mildly amusing and I for one have certainly found myself saying at least 2 or 3 of these already, aged 28.

Apparently, 66% of of the nation believe that it’s fatherhood that triggers these ‘dadisms.’ What do you think? have you started saying these kinds of things since becoming a dad?


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  1. Morgan Prince

    Well I’m a mum and I say some of those, especially number 10! I also go on about keeping doors shut to ‘save heat’, perhaps it is about being a parent.

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