Top 10 Myths of Pregnancy

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Being a dad drawing to the end of a long 9 month (ish) pregnancy I’ve come to learn that the things you hear about pregnancy aren’t necessarily true. So here’s my top 10 myths of pregnancy. (A bit like mythbusters but for pregnancy…
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and dads…and without white coats…and I definitely don’t have the budget to blow stuff up…) 

#1 Pregnancy is 9 months long

Actually, it’s not. The wife is 37 weeks pregnant now and considered full term.
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That, in my mind, is just over 8 months. In fact, you’re considered full term from week 37 – week 42. So, pregnancy is actually anywhere from 8 months to nearly 10 months. 

#2 Alcohol is dangerous to pregnant women. 

Caveat: I am not suggesting that alcohol is good in any way during pregnancy. I am not promoting drinking alcohol during pregnancy (except for dad) neither am I saying that the medical profession is wrong when they say pregnant women should avoid alcohol… 

But… as I understand it, it isn’t actually proven that small amounts of alcohol effect the baby. Primarily because no-one is actually willing to put themselves and their baby forward for testing. That would involve one mum drinking during pregnancy and one not and then comparing the results. That would probably put those animal rights activists campaigns in perspective. It is now said that drinking a little during pregnancy is OK. Which is odd, because binge drinking heavily at any point isn’t exactly healthy! A recent British study has suggested that 2 drinks a week shouldn’t harm junior in any way. Anyway, I thought this would be an interesting one to think about. 

#3 Using cocoa butter will stop the mum getting stretch marks. 

What the hell is cocoa butter? Sounds delicious so why would you waste it rubbing on your bump? Surely if you’re going to get stretch marks, you’re going to get stretch marks? I’ve heard that cocoa butter just makes skin more sensitive. The wife has got no stretch marks what so ever yet some people use all kinds of hocus pocus potions and come out with a tummy filled with stretch marks. 

#4 You can’t fly during the 3rd trimester

Well, this is kind of true but nothing to do with being medical. It’s basically the airlines fear that you will go into labour mid flight and ruin their upholstery.

It might not be a great idea, but you can with your doctors say so.  

#5 Pregnant women are eating for 2

True but bear in mind that the 2nd person has a stomach the size of a small marble. They don’t need much! 200 calories extra a day in fact. So there you go dads, you can say to your partner that she doesn’t need those extra portions. She’s just greedy. 

#6 It can be harmful to your unborn baby to exercise and have sex during pregnancy

Rubbish. (Within reason!) The exact advice is to maintain your normal lifestyle with regards to exercise. If you exercise 3 times a week, continue this.
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But bear in mind that you will develop physical limitations as your body changes and you start carrying round 2 stone of water! And sex harming the baby? Unless you’re a horse, I think you’ll be fine! The advice on sex is to have it…lots…that’s true…it’s not just me saying it as a man…medical…scientific…and research and stuff…lots… *ahem*

#7 On that subject… Sex and curries bring on labour

Surely this is some bloke having a laugh? Sex and curries? The full list must have looked like this: Sex, curries, football, beer, farting, walking round in your briefs, talking about girls, looking at sports cars, holding in all emotion except anger. Do that and you’ll A) be the perfect wife and B) go in to labour! What a load of nonsense. Mind you, I’ll still suggest the whole curry and sex thing…

maybe even tonight! Double hot sauce for me! 

#8 Avoid seafood

Research is now saying that kids with mums who ate seafood have higher verbel IQ’s, better communication skills and increased motor skills. 

#9 You can tell the sex of your baby by the position of your bump

No, you can’t. Simple.

#10 Morning sickness only occurs in the 1st trimester and lot’s of it means you’re having a girl

This can’t be true because the wife had lot’s of sickness and I’m having a boy. Do that maths! It also can’t be true because my wife was sick for longer than the first trimester. 

(And one for luck) 

#11 Braxton Hicks contractions mean you’re labour is close

This is not the case. The wife has had Braxton Hicks contractions every hour for 6 weeks now. They are very strong and painful and the cause of 2 trips to the hospital each resulting in a baffled doctor sending her home. You can see the Braxton Hicks contractions in the pic! 

Pregnancy isn’t a science that can be predicted. What I’ve really learnt through this is that you can read google and books and ask family and friends, but really, what will happen will happen. You can’t control it and you can’t alter it. Just enjoy your pregnancy like we have enjoyed ours.


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