Top 10 things you probably didn’t know about newborns

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Don’t you just love a good piece of useless trivia? For all those moments at Christmas when someone breaks out the Trivial Pursuit board and that awkward question pops up and you think to yourself, “I know this one! I read it on some blokes blog about babies.

” Well, in advance… you’re welcome, because a whole host of facts you probably didn’t know about newborns. 

#1 Babies are born without any knee caps

#2 When babies are born their eyesight is as good as an adults. The problem is their brain isn’t able to process as well as an adult, hence their difficulty seeing.

#3 Babies have more bones than adults when they are born. 300 bones that then fuse together resulting in 206 bones. 

#4 Newborns can’t actually cry. They can scream, sure, we all know this, but they aren’t actually crying, no tears! 

#5 Their hearing is pretty good too. Very much the same as an adult. The reason they startle isn’t due to volume, it’s because the sound is probably new. 

#6 Breast milk is good for adults too. Waste not want not I say! 

#7 1 in every 3 babies have a birth mark, so don’t be alarmed when you find a small blemish somewhere on their skin. 

#8 Babies can crawl from birth. It’s called the breast crawl and research shows that if you put a baby on mums tummy/chest it will crawl and find it’s way to the breast for feeding. 

#9 Babies turn their heads when they are full or want to stop feeding. It’s an instinctive reaction to feeling full and apparently, it’s where we started the whole shaking our head for ‘no’ comes from.
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#10 Babies finger nails grow quicker than an adults. Make sure you have some baby nail scissors although using your teeth gives you a lot of control and can be far easier – seriously.

Leave a comment or send us an email with any interesting facts you’ve got! I read them all personally. 

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  1. Josh Gloer

    I demand another fact! #6 is about mom. (and this is too interesting to not hear more… haha)

  2. John Adams

    Interesting list. PArticularly intruiged about the hearing and vision aspects. #TheList

  3. Hannah Mums' Days

    No way!!! How can they not have knee caps? that’s made my arms feel weird! What a fascinating list and no, I didn’t know half of those things!

    Thanks for linking up to #Thelist xx

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