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Top 100 Baby Products – Dad Entrepreneur

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 17/06/2015





  • Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a 31 year old Dad of 2 energetic kids quite close in age (18 month year old girl and 3 year old boy), who love going on the London bus and riding far too quickly on their scooters. I moved to London in 2001 from Reading to study at City University and have found myself nestled in the big smoke ever since. We are currently based in Notting Hill.

It is the UK’s first definitive guide to baby products, entirely determined by parents sharing knowledge and experience. The idea is to create a clean and simple guide that is rich in content and available over print and digital formats. It is a powerful resource to help parents in what is a stressful and confusing stage of their lives.

We made poor and panicked decisions ourselves, which at best, makes for humorous hindsight – cots that didn’t fit in our room along with furniture and techy stuff that were never used and now serve as obstacles for us to avoid tripping over. The choices are overwhelming as new parents, and our guide allows people (including grandparents, extended family and friends) to make more informed decisions, in a format that is easy and convenient.



  • Being an entrepreneur, how do you manage and balance time starting your own business with time being a dad?

The two are intertwined, the concept was conceived with our kids screaming in the background and some of our best discussions have been with them as serious distractions. We have not been blessed with help and it has been a challenge to balance it all. I am a perfectionist over every part of the business, but am equally disciplined with the time I spend with the kids. Dinner is without any tech or distractions and I ensure I can read to the kids every night and tuck them into bed, no matter how busy it all gets.

  • What’s the biggest challenge of starting your own business?

Taking the leap, knowing that the moment when its scariest is the moment you must jump, otherwise you will stay where you are. You must have a vision that persists against all odds and it requires digging deep at times, when there are demands on your time and energy. There is of course the challenge of working with your other half with whom you end up spending almost all of your time with. I’d be lying if I said we weren’t challenged to hold back from ripping each other’s heads off at times… but you do adapt in surprising ways to the changes.

Managing a shopping trip to the supermarket, getting them to sleep at the same time in the car on a long journey, acting as a UN peacekeeper when there is only one of something, a general lack of lack of sleep and convincing your single mates you are still worth a shout. Sounds painful but it’s not so bad really, the real challenge is overcoming the fear that you are not doing enough for your kids


  • What do you enjoy most about being a dad?

I can speak endlessly about the pleasures of fatherhood, but to open the door and have my daughter run towards me faster than her little legs can handle and my son tell me about his day adoringly with new words he’s learnt, are just a couple of examples. The wonder and amazement in their eyes will throw you back and its deeply heart warming when their innocence and happiness shines through. You begin living young and are taken back to your own youth – playing football, searching for epic playgrounds with cool slides, long Lego sessions and homemade ice lollies – and it gets better!


Take a look at Top 100 Baby Products and why not have your say and cast a vote too!

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    A fascinating read! I have a little bit of the entrepreneurial spirit myself and so will take your advice. I’ve had many different ideas over the past nineteen years.

    You are absolutely right about ‘Taking the leap’.

    Best wishes


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