According to a WhatCar? study into child car seat safety has found almost two thirds of children aren’t as safe as they should be when they travel in a car.

Here’s Top 5 Child Car Seat Checks:

  1. Consider if your child too small for the seat. If you’re in any doubt ask the advice of a fitting expert.
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  2. Consider what clothing your child is wearing or has been wearing recently while in the seat. The harness may be too loose if they change to wearing thinner clothes.

    Ensure the harness is still tight enough. Pinch the harness in front of your child’s collarbone; if you can get a good pinch of fabric between your fingers, tighten the harness.
  3. Isofix seat: double check that it is correctly placed.
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    Indicators on the seat will change from red to green when it’s fitted correctly.
  4. If the seat is secured by the car seatbelt, check that it is not twisted and that it is fitted tightly enough around the child seat.
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    It should be tight enough that the seat doesn’t move when you push it.
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  5. Seat with a leg support: Ensure that the leg is fitted firmly to the car’s floor at a 90deg angle.

For further info on the WhatCar? study, click here.

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