Top Tips for Getting Newborn Babies to Sleep

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On average, new parents lose 109 minutes of sleep per night for the first year of their child’s life. Here are some tips that should help you get more shut-eye!

On average, new parents lose 109 minutes of sleep per night for the first year of their child’s life. Here are some tips that should help you get more shut-eye!

Everyone has been there at 3 am desperately trying to get your newborn to sleep! The constant attention they require means new parents are at whits end! We have some top tips for helping your child sleep, but use what works with you!

Sleeping Outside

The Scandinavians have been leaving their babies to sleep outside in the cold winter months, only taking them in at -10°c. If you leave them to nap outside between 12-4pm, statistically they sleep much better during the night. As long as they are wrapped up warm, leaving them outside will allow a good amount of fresh air also helping to stave off colds.

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Nature Noises

While white noise has often been used to help little babies on flights and drifting off to sleep, it can be a little bit harsh. ‘Pink noise’ has a lower sound frequency, which helps little babies fall to sleep more.

These noises include, nature, the rustling of leaves, heartbeats, and rainfall.

Enforcing a routine

Try making a routine with your newborn baby and stick to it as much as possible. By keeping bath time at the end of the day, you gently raise their core temperature ready for sleep. Making sure that once your baby is in their bedroom, they stay there will help them to associate the room with sleeping.
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And ideally, you put them into bed when they are sleepy and not asleep, as they will learn to settle themselves down if they wake up in the night.


Mobiles for babies are often brightly coloured, but it might be worth investing in a monochrome one for your newborn! Newborn babies have a limited range of vision which is roughly the distance between theirs and their mother’s face when breastfeeding. This lack of vision means that black and white mobiles hold their attention longer, strengthening and developing their optic nerve.

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Babies senses of smell are the strongest of all of their senses, making it evident that an item of clothing that smells of their parents will help comfort them. If you leave an item tightly tied to the railing of their cot out of arms reach, then it will help them know that you are there.

5am Blanket Time

Lots of babies wake up at 5am because that is the time our body temperature is at its lowest. They often struggle to get back to sleep around this time, so you can pre-empt this by safely adding another blanket before hand, or when you go to bed.

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