Torben Chris: Dads Bathing With Their Kids

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This morning my good friend Skint Dad sent me the link to a post on the Metro entitled ‘Comedian hits back at critics of pictures of dads bathing with their children.’The article refers to comedian Torben Chris who recently posted a photo of himself in the bath with his two year old daughter on to his Facebook page.
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The backlash he received is horrifying, being branded a paedophile by his followers. For bathing his own daughter!


Torben Chris decided to fight back. I believe, rightly so.

Torben Chris spoke to other dads who had received similar criticism of their relationships with their children. “another had been warned of his “urge” towards paedophilia because he had shared a picture of a French Braid on his 11 year old daughter’s back on social media” “There was even a father whose wife thinks it’s inappropriate if your daughter sees her father urinate”

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Both of these comments leave me pretty speechless. I see no problem at all with these circumstances. I see the problem wholeheartedly lie with the critics.
Ted and I featured in a Johnsons campaign. You can read about it here, but in short, we were both filmed in the bath together. I’ve also appeared on Channel 4oD in the bath too!
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I have bathed with Ted from the day he was born. We bath together every night and those times are precious to us. We laugh, we play, we spend uninterrupted time together.

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There is nothing sexual or disgusting about it.

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A mother bathing their child would not receive this response. And that, is what is so wrong with this world.

A father should be viewed in the same light as a mother. As a parent.

Torben, you have my full support and I applaud and commend you for fighting back against these crazy people who seem to have an issue with you being a dad.

And just to indicate my support, here’s a couple of snaps of me and Ted in the bath.

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  1. Rosina

    A lot of people in the world are going backwards…. People need to WAKE UP and take a good hard look at themselves before they open their minds and gobs to criticise NORMAL life! I despair…. I really do.,…

  2. Lewis AKA Dadwhoblogs

    Wow, it really surprises me that 33% of people that have read this article have voted ‘No’. A shame they were not willing to comment to explain why…

    • Al Ferguson

      I know! If they’re gonna vote no, they should at least explain their reasoning!

  3. Sue Hargrave

    I’m not at all astonished that people are upset about fathers bathing with their children, as we can easily remember the backlash from family when they visited, only to find my husband and sons in the tub together, and the family visitors felt they needed to whisper as they talked to each other about this very “sketchy” practice of man with babies in the tub; only then to seek me out, and tell me how inappropriate it was. All I could think was, “Wow. Really? Who ARE you people, and were we raised in the same family structure??” Fathers bonding and playing with their children is never wrong. Seeing your parents have the same and different bodies than they do is healthy, and speaks very nicely to how both parents can be loving, caring, gentle and human. Who ever made the comment that woman would not get ostracized for being the the tub naked with her kids is so right!!! No one would question me being in the tub with my boys, or me wiping their bottoms, etc.
    Where do we find the most diaper changing stations? Are they even in men’s bathrooms? Not according to some young dad’s I’ve talked to. That’s just the tip of the ice berg! This is going to have to be and educational process in the media/TV shows/etc. That culture that speaks to “Men can’t be nurturing, caring, and certainly can’t bond to their children like women do” has got to go. Where do I sign up?

    • Rosina

      Here Here… Sign me up too….

    • Al Ferguson

      That story is extraordinary. I find it very hard to relate to this way of thinking! I completely agree with you Sue and thank you for commenting.
      I’m starting a new project to try and sort the changing rooms issue.
      I’m doing my upmost to shout for the culture of nurturing, caring and loving fathers. It’s great to know you’re on the journey with us :)

      • Alastair

        Please do start a campaign. I’m fed up with the comments and looks when I take my son to change his nappy. Am I expected to wait to change his nappy at home if mummy’s not with us on that day? As for bathing – this is a time for bonding/playing/swimming practice, and then finally… washing.

  4. liz

    My 4 year old often asks to join her dad in the bath! Her choice and she loves it. Nothing wrong or perverted about it! Same as she always bathes with her 6 year old brother who has all the same bits! Absolute nonsense. What about the days when a whole family would bath in a tin bath in the kitchen in front of each other and share the bath!

    • Al Ferguson

      I agree, nonsense. thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts on this topic

  5. Angela

    I find this to be ridiculous. My daughter bathed with her dad up to a certain age. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. If anything I was the one that would hand her to him while he was in the shower to wash her up. It’s perfectly normal and anyone that sees it as someghing else should think about themselves. It’s sad that, that’s the first thing you want to think of. There are tons of single fathers out there that don’t have a woman or partner to help them. Are they not supposed to help wash their babies until they are old enough to do themselves? Bullshit. You’ve got to do it for them and teach them how to do it themselves. But it all comes with age! People are sick to think anything else other than it being an innocent bath time.

    • Al Ferguson

      A good point Angela, thank you for sharing your views on this topic. I agree with you and will be bathing with Ted for a very long time to come.

  6. Steven Daws

    I think this is a sad reflection of the way the media has dealt with the issue of men being parents. I have bathed with my daughter when she was small and I see no wrong in it.

    Would they go as far as saying fathers shouldn’t get their children dressed or change their nappies?

  7. JonBuggles

    Used to bathe my eldest daughter. Only reason I don’t get in the tub now is there is no space for me with 2 daughters splashing about.

    As far as urinating is concerned, i have had to in front of my daughter, or i could put her outside the cubicle in the men’s room as I get my privacy. Not ideal, but when wife is working and i have kid duties…

    Just realised that i am tiptoeing around using the word PENIS. Both daughters know i have a penis in the same way as my wife has breasts. A part of the body that has a job.

  8. Andrew (One Daddy Blogs

    I think there are too many people out there who come up with stupid ideas. I have both bathed and showered with my daughter, and continue to do so. I have a wife who works long hours and night shifts, and I have no choice but to bathe/shower our daughter. Often it is far easier to join her than reach into the tub.

    This is political correctness gone mad.

  9. Gargramel

    I was a dingle father raising two children my daughter turned three four days after my son was i born. I have had sole custody since my son was a month old. I took baths with both my babies and graduatedo up to showers and this continued until they decided they wanted to start taking showers on their own! (Around eight or nine)
    I tried to raise them both to not have hang ups abut the human body and nudity. I am sick of (mostly women) saying how wrong and perverted it is when a father does the exact same things that mothers do. A father being nurturing is imperative in changing children’s perceptions of men. To many want to just cast father’s in the role of being the bad guy who is only good for providing the necessities and discipline!
    Too many people have hang ups about the natural state of being naked. Today my son is turning 22 he sees me sunbathing naked all the time and will just carry on a conversation like normal. I do not do it in front of my daughter (my choice) even though she has stated that it would not bother her.
    Thesee supposed progressive women need to get overy themselves and stop acting like mothers are the be all end all to their children. This is why still to this day women try to use the children like personal property and pawns when getting divorced…..smdh!

    • Gargramel

      Sorry should say single father not dingle father…lol

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