Video gaming giant Bandai Namco has turned its attention towards a multimedia learning and entertainment experience with the release of Tori.

This digital toy combines the thrill of playing interactive games with the fun of real life crafting, as players design and decorate physical items that then become in-game elements on screen. 

What is the Tori Explorer Pack? 

Tori aims to stimulate the brains of children aged six and over, developing key abilities that are tested and improved across a range of activities. The Tori Explorer Pack features a board, catapult, wand, spacecrafts, power bar and a creative book to help you customise the game world, hooking up to your tablet or smartphone via one of five apps currently available from both the Apple and Google Play app stores.

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There are a host of games to choose from when you play with Tori, each with its own app. Participants can take on merciless space pirates in Crystal Chase, delve into the undergrowth on Jungle Rescue, enter the wonderful world of wizardry on Shades of Light, imagine and create their own world with Supreme Builder and also take time out to customise the game universe and create their own unique spacecrafts too. 

How to Use the Tori Explorer Pack

The game is simple to use, with players guiding their characters and other elements over the top of the digital board, which then mirrors the action to the tablet screen. You can take on the challenges laid down in the game as standard, or simply create your own experiences. The company is very keen to promote the part that the player’s imagination plays in the entertainment. 

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Although deceptively simple, this technology has taken a number of years to perfect, with the firm developing its own 3D tracking system to ensure that all of the player’s movements are faithfully recreated in the on-screen action. 

Tori Explorer Pack Reaction

The Explorer Pack is the first bundle of content in the Tori ecosystem, with further content planned for a later date. It has already picked up 4 Innovation Awards at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in the USA, as well as picking up gongs for its innovative gameplay in France and Germany.    

With Christmas around the corner, the firm is hoping that families will want to sit down together and explore the game during the holidays. The mental stimulation on offer from the Tori Explorer pack will certainly make a change from the usual fraught family games of Monopoly over the festive period.

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If this sounds like something your family might fancy getting involved with during the school break, the game retails at £149.99 in the UK from Argos, Amazon, Game and and you will be able to read the Dadsnet’s review of the Tori Explorer Pack very soon. 

Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco Entertainment is a gigantic name in the gaming industry, created by the merger of Bandai and Namco in 2006. Combined, the firm is responsible for such legendary titles as PacMan and Tekken, as well as owning the licence for DragonBall. 

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