Tottenham Hotspurs turns Vegan!

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Tottenham Hotspurs are trying to get their fans to turn Vegan before their big match against Chelsea later this month.
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The North London club is also encouraging their fans to cycle or use public transport to get to the game as well, in a bid for the match to be the world’s first carbon-neutral football game.

The club has said that meat options will be available, but there will be more variety for vegan fans .

The move has sparked fury and anger from fans and farmers who highlight that the clubs many fans travel across the world for matches racking up a massive carbon footprint.
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Mo Metcalf-Fisher from the Countryside Alliance said that bringing in Vegan food should not be at the cost of meat options.

‘It’s laudable when big organisations like Spurs try and do their bit for environment but they need to be doing it in a way that will actually yield positive results and not alienate fans and the wider public.

‘There’s nothing wrong with supplying vegan snacks, but that should not be at the expense of supplying sustainable meat alternatives too.

‘After all, the vast bulk of the British public consume meat regularly and the question should never be whether or not to eat meat, but where that meat comes from and whether it is from a sustainable source.”

The match against Chelsea is being dubbed  ‘Game Zero’ owing to its low emissions.

While the club will still be offering meat options, they have asked fans to ‘chose a plant-based food option’ which will be available at the grounds.

They are also boosting their recycling initiative asking for attendants to recycle on the way ourt boosting their ‘zero to landfill’ program.

Chairman Daniel Levy said: ‘We are delighted to be the chosen partner of Sky on this ground-breaking initiative that will demonstrate the role our game can play in addressing the urgent issue of climate change.

‘As the Premier League’s greenest club, Tottenham Hotspur is passionate about our planet – we look forward to showcasing our wide range of sustainable measures that are already in place and encouraging our fans to take simple actions that can make a huge difference.

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What do you think about Tottenham’s Green Game?  Tell us in the comment section below!

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