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Toy Inventor chooses his favourite British toys for Christmas

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Published on 04/12/2017

This year, our toy Christmas gift guide covers some best British toys and other iconic brands.

Nerf Nitro Moto Fury Rapid Rally

No bullets with this Nerf, it shoots cars.  You can set up ramps and create stunts with your kids.

Nerf Nitro Motofury Rapid Rally


I have tested it. It is a lot of fun.

“Move over kids, it’s daddy’s turn!”

Articulate Gallery Picture Frames 

Introducing our first “Best of British” entrepreneur, Colin and his incredible Articulate Gallery picture frames.

These frames are ideal for your kids art.  They would also be a great present for Grandma.

You might remember Colin. He faced the Dragon’s Den and Since then, his picture frames are now taking American by storm. They must be kicking themselves now!

Did the Dragons recognise this masterpiece investment ?  Watch his pitch here!

To buy, go to his website, prices vary from £2.50 to £45.

Playmobil Ghostbusters Firehouse

The ghostbusters house is just brilliant for small world play. In an era when we turn increasingly to screens for entertainment, small world play is still a vital part of children’s early learning experience.

The ghostbusters firehouse is great for boys and girls, from pre-school to junior school.

Ghostbusters playmobil

Ghostbusters house

If you want a jaw dropping “wow, thank you Dad,” type present, who you gonna call?

Lego – Star Wars, BB8 

Lego fans will love the new BB8. I used to think the Millennium Falcon was the most awesome Lego set, but BB8 combines traditional Lego with Lego technics, so this is possibly the best I’ve seen.

Star Wars, BB8 by Lego


As a toy inventor and a father, I have special respect for Lego, which is still a family run business.

BB8 is usually £84.99 but there are deals to be found.

Check out – Lego offer 1.5% towards your favourite charity through easyfundraising.

Gummee Glove

A big salute to another “Best of British” entrepreneur, Jodine, who is one of the most inspiring business mums in the UK and definitely deserving of the best British brands.  Jodine has turned her teething mitten into an award winning, international teething brand.

Gummee glove

Award winning gummy glove

Don’t ruin a first Christmas with some sore gums. Only £13.99.

Zoomer Show Pony

One of the nice parts of being a toy inventor is that I get to go to Toy Fairs all over the world. I saw Zoomer at this year’s London Toy Fair and I knew kids would love it.

Zoomer really caught my attention as it is modern take on a classic toy. Love it.

When I wrote this, Toys R Us were offering the best price but shop around. It is usually £84.99 but there are cheaper ones to be found.

Play foam

Sticky, but not messy! Play foam is a great present for so many ages.

Play foam

Play foam

You can buy it in lots of places, but why not buy from a reputable store such as the Science Museum Shop. And if you don’t like play foam, the Science Museum Shop has lots of other inspirational toys to choose from.

Little Sport Star – Football rattle

My final British inventor… well, actually it is me!  I make Little Sport Star – a range of sports themed toys for babies but I chose our football rattle, as it won’t break the bank. Available on Amazon.

Football rattle for babies

My first football rattle

Let your baby practice their dribbling skills with a baby football rattle, while you celebrate a nap of honour in front of the big game this Christmas.  At £7 this football rattle is an easy goal, or you could play a match at our football gym.


Nick Farnsworth is toy inventor who created Little Sport Star and a regular columnist for the Dad Network.  He is a stay at home dad.  In 2017, Nick has featured in Entrepreneur,

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