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True intimacy in our secret sadness

As I’m sure you’ve read in the previous blog about miscarriage, we knew that the actual physical miscarriage could happen any minute, including at our wedding. It was suggested we cancel the wedding. But we didn’t. 

I have included some photos of us on our wedding day, unintentionally, holding the tummy. We knew there was a little baby in there, but no one else did. We didn’t want to ruin the day for people. We wanted it to only be happy. Obviously it was in the back of our minds all day. Hence the photos, but we were able to have the most amazing wedding day. 

The day was incredible because even in such sadness our love shone. We kept the day happy and focused on the love between us. This, although no one would choose it, was an incredible, close, intimate and special start to our marriage. One based so strongly on our love that we were able to have a happy wedding day amidst such secret sadness. We went on yo have the miscarriage 2 days later. If I’m feeling brave enough I will write about that at some point. 

Miscarriage has such power to draw two people, in love, together. I want to encourage all dads out there, having experienced miscarriage to use it to draw near to their partner. 

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