Is having two working parents a disadvantage?

Working parents

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A Tory MP has caused controversy by suggesting children of working parents may commit crime later in life. But is it a disadvantage to have two working parents? According to Nick Fletcher, Conservative MP for Don Valley, it could be. Let us know what you think in the Comments below.

What Nick Fletcher said about working parents

Nick Fletcher criticised the Chancellor’s pledge for an expansion of free childcare provision. He insisted “part of this £4 billion could be used to provide some choice to parents to give them the option to stay at home or to go to work”.

“I am a social conservative,” said Fletcher, “I believe the best person to look after our children is mum, dad, maybe nana, grandad… but family. I know it’s tough for many out there. I know some have no choice and I am judging no-one on their choices or the position that they find themselves in.”

Mr Fletcher went on: “I am sure we all think we have important jobs especially in this place, but we should never devalue the job of being a great parent.”


Working parents


Potential Criminality?

“I was always told when I was bringing my children up ‘spend time with your kids when they are young or you will be forced to spend time with them when they are older. By that they meant in the headmaster’s office, with the social worker, with the police or with the judge if they stray. We don’t want that for any child. So let’s do all we can to embrace family life.”

Would Fletcher’s plan work?

Of course, there is no choice for many parents about whether both of them have to work. And it is unlikely that the government would be able to make up the difference to allow one to stay at home in some households. However, in homes where the cost of childcare makes it less beneficial to both work, diverting some costs to help a dad or mum stay at home could end up making more sense for that family.


Working parents


What the experts say about working parents

There is no conclusive proof that having two working parents (or one working parent in a single-parent household) has a negative effect on children. In fact, there are many benefits:

  • Increased financial stability
  • Learning to value the time together more
  • Providing role models for future life
  • Promotes independence

Of course, all parents would like to be able to spend more time with their children, but to suggest that working to make a living and keep a roof over your head .could lead to your child becoming a criminal is bound to cause a reaction.


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