UK Dads Still Need More Baby Changing Facilities in Public Places

Baby Changing Facilities

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  1. Michael Nieto-Cross

    I had exactly this problem today

    I had lunch in quite a nice restaurant in Hampstead..

    I turned and looked at my 6month old son who was clearly straining! (Pushing out a poo!)

    Before he got uncomfortable I asked the waiter where I could change him to which he replied “sorry sir I’m really not sure as the only facilities are in the ladies”!

    Rather than ruin our lunch my wife did the dead and changed him, however..

    What if she wasn’t there? Do I go into the ladies? Do I change him at the dinner table?

    It’s a disgrace. If they said it’s not a baby friendly pub and there were no facilities fine but to just have them in the ladies is discriminating against dads.

    We need to highlight this as a problem..

    Michael Nieto-Cross

  2. geraldine hutchinson

    I dont have any young children now but lots of shops and other places have a seperate baby changing room that is not in the toilets and you could always use the disabled toilet it really is not such a big problem

  3. Sue McCarthy

    I think there should be baby changing for dads in men’s toilets…

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