University of Kent students vote for ‘100% plant-based catering’

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The vote saw a record number of students come out to place their votes

Students at the University of Kent have overwhelmingly voted in favour of changing to ‘100% plant-based catering’ as part of the ‘Plant-Based Universities campaign’. A record number of pupils took part in the vote.

However, that record number was only 450 students out of 20,000 who voted to lobby the catering facilities to provide entirely plant-based food by 2027/2028. This was the highest voter turnout in Kent Union History!

Do you think more organisations should aim to move towards 100% plant-based catering?

Student, Chris Chudley, said:

“We are completely overwhelmed by the support we have received from students to pass this motion calling for plant-based catering at Kent. It is a relief to see our university acknowledging the student body in calling for this necessary transition towards a safe and secure food system.

“Our campaign will maintain its presence and continue to lobby the university, and take nonviolent direct action where necessary, to ensure the student’s vote is honoured and that affordable, nutritious, and delicious plant-based menus are made available as soon as possible.”

The Plant-Based Universities campaign is a UK wide scheme from students who are pushing for their educators and student unions to adopt 100% plant-based catering, with a key focus on animal and climate justice at the heart of the campaign.

Kent’s Student Union President, Zaid Mahmood, said:

“After consideration from the Board of Trustees, we have passed an amended policy which highlights Kent Union’s support for the transition towards 100 per cent plant based catering and our commitment to work with this group of students going forward. This is an extremely important step in combating the climate crisis which continues to get worse day by day due to inaction. We must tackle the climate crisis together.”


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