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No, not valentines day! Don’t worry dads, that’s been and gone and the stress it brings is becoming a distant memory and still a long way off next year. 

This V-Day stands for ‘viability Day.’ At 24 weeks, a baby is classed as viable. This basically means capable of living. 

Here’s a link: 

Today is that day for me, well, for Rex. Week 24 exactly and due to the normal and extra worrying we’ve done in the first trimester, this is a welcomed milestone. It’s a funny thing though. In theory it means that if Rex payed us a premature visit, the doctors would be more ‘willing/equipped/able’ to keep Rex alive. 24 weeks is the cut off when they would use intense medical intervention to keep the foetus alive outside the uterus. But yesterday, they wouldn’t have? Not sure on that one. But all the same, it is a milestone we’re celebrating with a cold beer and a nice dinner. 

Here’s another link with some stats which are quite interesting: 

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