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Valentines Day 2018 Gift Ideas for Him and Her

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By A Woman Less Ordinary

A Woman Less Ordinary is an Outstanding rated Teacher who lives, parents, purchases and thinks differently. With 10 years of teaching experience, she has many effective techniques for managing kids’ behaviour (and a lot to say about finance if you’re interested) BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANY OF IT!

Published on 05/02/2018

We are now finally in February and Valentines Day is fast approaching. I am truly stuck as to what to buy for my husband. We have always agreed that we would rather have a little something soso than anything big and expensive.

It has come to my attention that he is also stuck on what to get me! He is always buying me little gifts,  like flowers and choclates and so he wants to get me something a little different.

So we have put together a few suggestions to help out other couples who are wondering what to get each other. Which is likely to be most of you.

Valentines Gift Ideas For Him

  1. If your husband is a big gamer, like mine, maybe a Game voucher to go and treat himself to that game he has had his eye on for a while.
  2. I have always been led to believe that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Maybe a nice food hamper or cook him his favourite meal for a date night indoors?
  3. As Valentines Day falls on a weekday this year, why not suprise your man when he gets home from work with a nice chilled personalised bottle of beer! You can find these online or if you are feeling creative, give it a try yourself.
  4. His favourite tv programme on boxset. My husband is a big Star Trek fan so one year I brought him the boxtset and let him have full control of the tv for the evening. Only 1 evening though… ;)
  5. Something to wear. His favourite football team shirt or the latest trainers he has been going on about since the January Sales.

Valentines Gift Ideas For Her

  1. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but also very expensive! Pandora or Chamilla can make a very good substitues.
  2. Take her out to buy a beautiful dress and take her to the best resturant in town to show it off.
  3. Her favourite perfume or bubblebath.
  4. Buy some essential oils and give her the relaxing massage that she deserves.
  5. Flowers, chocolates and wine. I don’t think you can beat the old cheesy stuff!  The bigger the bottle the better, FYI!

We hope this gift guide has given you some inspiration to find the perfect gift for the one you love this Valentines day. Have a good one and do let us know what you got up to!



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