Valentines day scan

Dads, valentines day is important! Don’t forget to make your partner feel special in some way. A gift, a card, nice dinner… Being pregnant, it’s even more important to show how much you love her. Right now that’s put the way…

We are lucky enough to have another scan today, hopefully finding out whether our baby will be playing football or netball. We’re nearly 17 weeks so we should be able to find out. 
Blue or pink? 
Ponies or fast cars? 
Skirts or trousers? 
Hair bands or gel? 
Bon jovi or take that? 
Neat handwriting or barely legible letters? 
Bra shopping or shaving tips? 
Wallet or purse? 
Mud or make up? 
That’s all a bit stereotypical, which on a normal level drives me crazy, but you get my point. I want to know if it’s a boy or girl! 
Hopefully in a few hours time I will be able to blog about the result! 

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