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Vax Air Cordless Lift Review

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 28/02/2016

Pre-children people would tell me that a person can never be fully prepared for having kids. However, I have now come to realise that that they mean is that you can never be fully prepared for the mess that kids make. I have absolutely no concept of how a floor can get so dirty in such a short amount of time. I vacuum and within minutes, seconds almost, there seems to be a new blanket of mess littered across the carpet. Raisins, co-co pops, bits of tangerine. The list is endless.

Vax Air Cordless lift review

The effort required to grab the vacuum cleaner, uncoil the cord, plug it in and have to try and manoeuvre it round the array of toys and furniture is just too much when it’s the 5th time that day! And then there’s the age old problem of the cord always being 3 foot too short for where you need to clean, no matter where you plug it in.

Anyway, Vax have sent me their brand new Vax Air Cordless Lift vacuum cleaner to try and ease my pain somewhat. Thank you; it’s much appreciated.


Ted, helpfully showing you where the ‘on’ button is.

In short, the Vax Air Cordless Lift is an upright, bagless, cordless vacuum cleaner. But then goes one step further and actually seamlessly converts to become a 3.3kg handheld cleaner for more flexibility when cleaning.

I’ve always been a little bit wary of battery operated appliances like this; thinking that the batteries just run out super quick and the power just isn’t there. This is purely based on a battery operated screwdriver I’ve been using for at least 8 years and left out in the damp several times, so it’s probably not a very up to date or fair opinion. This Vax cleaner boasts 60 minutes of cleaning time with maximum power. It comes with 2 x LithiumLife™ Batteries so you can have one charged as a back up ready to go if the first one reaches the 60 minute limit. I tend to only hoover for a maximum of 3 minutes at a time anyway, (little and often) so the 60 minute life is ample.


I’m no vacuum cleaner expert, really I’m not, but I do happen to know when my living room carpet is clean. This vacuum cleaner cleaned my carpet brilliantly and being lightweight, it was far easier to get the carpet spotless. We also have some laminate flooring in our hallway and again, it devoured every spot of dirt effortlessly. And that was without using the ‘boost’ mode! Anything that says ‘boost’ always seems pretty cool. The word of warning is that when you are boosted, the battery life will obviously decrease.

As I’m not an expert I can’t really comment on the inner, fine workings of the machine but rather the practical aspects. Firstly, there are no fiddly mechanisms to empty all the dirt & grime. Emptying it is a very simple process, perfect for a busy dad on the go with a toddler at his feet.

Secondly, another impressive aspect is being able to detach the main body from the chassis. Having this detachable, handheld option to the cleaner is so useful as a parent. When Ted decides he wants to throw his snack on the floor and then stamp it into the carpet, it takes me no longer than few seconds to whip out the cordless Vax in handheld mode and deal with the mess straight away. Having this feature has made such a difference to the average standard of the carpets and flooring in the house. Lightweight, easy to carry, great power and versatile.

And thirdly, the cordless element of this vacuum is by far one of the most ingenious. No longer have I got to fumble around unplugging things in order to plug in the vacuum and I certainly haven’t got the issue of a limiting cable trailing round behind me. It is just so easy to use and when you have a baby, you need to use a vacuum often!


Cleaning the stairs has never been easier! Never mind those vacuous sides of the sofa that seem to store a human’s body weight in crumbs!

Next time the phone rings and it’s a friend or family member asking if they can pop over for a quick impromptu visit I won’t need to worry about them sitting on a random raisin or crunching across a sea of cornflakes! Within the space of a couple of minutes I can have the house spotless. Winner!

I’m still not an expert on vacuum cleaners, but in my humbled opinion, this one is fantastic. And that’s why the Vax Air Cordless Lift receives an official Dad Network star rating of 5 / 5 stars and our award of recommendation.

We’ve had a look round and you can buy the Vax Air Cordless Lift here here for just £220

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  1. Jason

    I’ve not had a cordless vax but the one I did own was noisy, heavy, wrecked the vinyl and just shifted the dust around the carpet. I went Dyson after that and will never have a vax again.

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