Victory in Court: Mother Reclaims Her Home From Overstaying Adult Sons

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The tale of a 75-year-old Italian mother reclaiming her peace by winning a court battle against her adult sons, aged 40 and 42, who refused to vacate her home, has garnered attention.

This narrative unfolds in Pavia, a city in Northern Italy, where the determined mother sought legal recourse to evict her sons, whom she dubbed as ‘parasites’.

The mother, living solely on a pension post-separation from the sons’ father, found her patience thinning as her sons, despite their age, neither contributed financially nor assisted in household chores. The financial strain and lack of cooperation led her to seek judicial intervention.

The sons, upon realising their mother’s intent, initiated legal action to retain their dwelling rights, a move that eventually boomeranged. The judiciary, represented by Judge Simona Caterbi, sided with the mother, vindicating her stance and granting her the much-desired eviction order.

The judgement emphasised that familial bonds do not entitle adult offspring to indefinitely reside in their parent’s abode against the latter’s will. The sons were bestowed with a deadline, 18th December, to vacate the premises, thereby restoring the mother’s rightful dominion over her home.

The narrative resonated widely, spotlighting the challenges ageing parents face while cohabiting with adult children, and the dire necessity for self-sufficiency among the latter as they traverse into adulthood​.


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