Weight watchers for dads

It’s true that pregnant women need to eat extra calories each day. Officially, I believe it’s about 200 extra calories per day. I started off having to encourage my wife, who rarely ate at the best of times, to have a few extra calories for the baby to get what it needs. Now, I can’t stop her.

But that’s not the point of this post, what I’m here to say is that watching her crave yummy foods and then eat those yummy foods just makes me want to eat more. I find that it is so easy to find myself tucking into the ginger biscuits or having a bowl of cereal or enjoying a mars bar with her. This is not ok! I do not have an excuse to have more calories and soon, I’ll be the one who looks pregnant.

Us dads must stick together and help each other not to gorge on the extra food knocking about the house. Think of it a bit like a weight watchers forum just for dads.

I’m going to try and last the weekend without snacking. 

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